Sunday, September 16, 2012

Scenes from Guatemala...

A couple of photos from the city center... and one of the beautiful scenery that I saw on a daily basis. I gotta admit, it is a beautiful country (although there is a lot of litter on the sides of the roads etc...) the views are amazing, and while I am scared to death of heights I do keep my eyes open and enjoy the view ;) I loved seeing the volcanoes on a daily basis... the fact that they weren't erupting when I was there was of course a big plus. Fuego has been erupting as of late, and I am sure it is an awesome sight-but volcanic ash in my lungs is not something I want to experience right now. (when we went a few years ago, they had a hurricane and volcanic eruption at the same time, it was horrible, we arrived a month or so later and there were still garbage bags of ash being collected in the city, and little kids were playing in the ash not realizing just how dangerous it can be!) Of course, there are things I miss, and things I don't. My mom says it is a third world country, but I can tell you that they have just about every thing imaginable in the city that you can think of. Nothing third world about that. Yes, there is poverty. But even here in the good old USA life has changed from how I knew it growing up. :( sad but oh so true! Have a great upcoming week ahead! Me? I am off to work early Monday morning. Enjoy the photos!

Friday, September 14, 2012


mmm... while in Guatemala this past summer I had lots of fun finding cheap restaurants to eat at... a restaurant up the street from us had meat dobladas (shredded meat, cabbage, veggies) at 5 for 25 quetzales- which is a little over $3 our money. As you can see, they were pretty good sized and I got full on 2 so definitely cheap eats at least once or twice a week to save on the budget. I also had the pleasure of attending a few weddings. The bride and groom wanted to save some money, so they had family make the food for the reception. It was really good, and with a couple hundred people there everyone left full and happy ;) The chicken, while not hot, was delicious and the side salads were yummy too... and who can forget the tortillas? I will admit, something I ate (most likely from a street vendor) made me super sick the first week and I had to stay near a bathroom lol. The positive... I lost a few pounds in the process. But even neater is that I knew what I needed to combat my, ahem, illness... and I didn't have to go to the doctor's for antibiotics. I just told my mother in law, she called the pharmacy (which by the way, delivered to the house-24 hour delivery!) and within a half hour said product came via motorcycle messenger and I was on the way to feeling much better. Granted it cost me about $40 our money for the pills, which is expensive over there- but they were 500mg and the ones I have to go to the doctor for (co-pay anyone?) and then get 250mg prescribed are a little under a hundred or so (another co-pay lol) so I got double the strength over there, and no doctor visit (unless I wanted one, which I didn't!) Sucks when you are allergic to penicillin and sulfa, but at least I got my Z-pack and was feeling better within a day or two. Will this stop me from eating at the food vendors? Probably not. I am usually pretty picky and won't eat from a place teeming with flies or totally unsanitary. But the street food is so damn good lol. Anyway, just wanted to share a couple of yummy meals I had with you all-I am craving those dobladas tonight but know that I won't be able to get them anytime soon. :( Have a great weekend everyone!

Sneakers anyone...? As in Converse/Chuck Taylor?

Ok, it may be that Back to School is over for you-but anyone with kids knows that even though the school shopping may be done-there is always something else that they need! My daughter is like that, she gets a few things before school starts and then all through the school year she is wanting something that she saw on a friend, or the latest fad, and the list goes on... One thing she has been asking for is a pair of Converse sneakers... she was mighty upset with me when her relatives in Guatemala got some cool Chuck Taylors and she didn't. Lucky for me, Kids Foot Locker has them in all the latest shades and she's informed me she wants a pair to match with each outfit. I'll see what I can do... but in the meantime Mocha Dad just started a giveaway today for 3 winners who will get a $50 gift card to Kids Footlocker so they can try out those cool Converse Chuck Taylors for themselves. Ends Sept. 23rd so be sure to get an entry in! And who knows? We just might win too! Good Luck!

Monday, September 10, 2012

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

I've been a bad, bad blogger!

Well, yes, I KNOW I've been gone awhile... and yes, there is really no excuse for it. LOL. But I am here, just took a much needed break after lots of stuff going on here at home. I did manage a 1 month long trip to Guatemala this year. We attended weddings and parties and all the fun things, but obviously were missing my father in law who passed away June 8th-about a month before we arrived. Last week my daughter started 5th grade... wow, how time flies. It's hard to believe she is only 10 (well, almost 11 now) and I kind of wish I could keep her at this age forever, before she grows up and runs away lol. I've got lots of photos to put up, but that will have to wait for another day as the housework is beckoning. I will, however, share a photo of my daughter last week on her first day of school outside her Grandma's house. Enjoy the weekend everyone! Fall is almost upon us and with that comes cooler weather. (though I am dreading the snow and ice that comes later)