Sunday, September 16, 2012

Scenes from Guatemala...

A couple of photos from the city center... and one of the beautiful scenery that I saw on a daily basis. I gotta admit, it is a beautiful country (although there is a lot of litter on the sides of the roads etc...) the views are amazing, and while I am scared to death of heights I do keep my eyes open and enjoy the view ;) I loved seeing the volcanoes on a daily basis... the fact that they weren't erupting when I was there was of course a big plus. Fuego has been erupting as of late, and I am sure it is an awesome sight-but volcanic ash in my lungs is not something I want to experience right now. (when we went a few years ago, they had a hurricane and volcanic eruption at the same time, it was horrible, we arrived a month or so later and there were still garbage bags of ash being collected in the city, and little kids were playing in the ash not realizing just how dangerous it can be!) Of course, there are things I miss, and things I don't. My mom says it is a third world country, but I can tell you that they have just about every thing imaginable in the city that you can think of. Nothing third world about that. Yes, there is poverty. But even here in the good old USA life has changed from how I knew it growing up. :( sad but oh so true! Have a great upcoming week ahead! Me? I am off to work early Monday morning. Enjoy the photos!

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Unknown said...

I hope you had a nice trip through this country.You have a nice creative hand indeed.