Friday, September 14, 2012


mmm... while in Guatemala this past summer I had lots of fun finding cheap restaurants to eat at... a restaurant up the street from us had meat dobladas (shredded meat, cabbage, veggies) at 5 for 25 quetzales- which is a little over $3 our money. As you can see, they were pretty good sized and I got full on 2 so definitely cheap eats at least once or twice a week to save on the budget. I also had the pleasure of attending a few weddings. The bride and groom wanted to save some money, so they had family make the food for the reception. It was really good, and with a couple hundred people there everyone left full and happy ;) The chicken, while not hot, was delicious and the side salads were yummy too... and who can forget the tortillas? I will admit, something I ate (most likely from a street vendor) made me super sick the first week and I had to stay near a bathroom lol. The positive... I lost a few pounds in the process. But even neater is that I knew what I needed to combat my, ahem, illness... and I didn't have to go to the doctor's for antibiotics. I just told my mother in law, she called the pharmacy (which by the way, delivered to the house-24 hour delivery!) and within a half hour said product came via motorcycle messenger and I was on the way to feeling much better. Granted it cost me about $40 our money for the pills, which is expensive over there- but they were 500mg and the ones I have to go to the doctor for (co-pay anyone?) and then get 250mg prescribed are a little under a hundred or so (another co-pay lol) so I got double the strength over there, and no doctor visit (unless I wanted one, which I didn't!) Sucks when you are allergic to penicillin and sulfa, but at least I got my Z-pack and was feeling better within a day or two. Will this stop me from eating at the food vendors? Probably not. I am usually pretty picky and won't eat from a place teeming with flies or totally unsanitary. But the street food is so damn good lol. Anyway, just wanted to share a couple of yummy meals I had with you all-I am craving those dobladas tonight but know that I won't be able to get them anytime soon. :( Have a great weekend everyone!

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Michele P. said...

haha, actually the wedding pic is from a civil ceremony I went to and is some sort of meat in a sauce, it was delicious-but I will put up the chicken soon! And the rice and salad...yum!