Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's Viral... the infection that is.

Lately I have been terrible at posting. Sometimes life and health issues have to come first, and for hubby and I that is exactly what has been going on with us since the first of the year. Geez, between dentists, doctors, emergency rooms and such for the three of us I think my copays are keeping the medical and dental professionals happy while breaking the bank here at home lol.

Geez, I forgot-the Vet was nice enough to send me a reminder card as well today. For all FOUR of the felines who are past due on shots due to me forgetting to take them. Now while they are all probably very content about that, they aren't getting out of a vet visit THAT easy. If I couldn't escape the dentist, the specialists, and the cute ER doctor then I sure as heck am not going to let them get out of getting a shot in the butt. Believe me, I have had much worse these past few months, lol.

Things went downhill quick after my dental issues around the first of the year. My daughter brought home a virus from HELL. One that she recovered from in about 3 weeks, after a bad cough and runny nose. One that sent hubby to the ER today after suffering for 3 months with the darn thing. One that has me working on a 2nd Z Pack of antibiotics for the lingering sinus infection that has caused me to resemble one of the living dead. I shit you not, I have snot coming from my eyeballs. And it burns.

So with hubby on an inhaler because his lungs think he's now asthmatic due to this upper respiratory "virus" and my drug induced antibiotic state (ok, we've got liquid Vicodin cough syrup as well-and it feels GOOD lol) I haven't felt much like writing. Or doing housework. Heck, I've stocked up on paper plates, cups and plastic cutlery for a month or two. I know, not very good for Earth Day and all-but there is NO WAY that I want to be passing this virus back and forth for the next few months.

At least I have a sense of humor, when I saw the hot doctor and he took my temperature I joked that it'd gone up because I was looking at him. Shhh... we won't tell hubby that, he just might have to find a hot nurse to compensate. So folks, that's where I have been lately, work, the doctors, work, the ER, work and in bed... you get the drift.

I am heading to bed now... enjoy your week and stay healthy!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Giveaway-Win this set of personal steak thermometers!

This year has been a brutal one... dental issues, infections, food poisoning, my ongoing sinus infection and now hubby with a very bad case of bronchitis. Can I just start the year over with NO health issues??? Lol, I don't think that is possible but I really wish it were an option.

But because we are so miserable over here doesn't mean you have to be :) I really had lots of fun giving away a $10 Gift Card a few weeks ago, so I think it's time for another giveaway.

As we all know (and as we have all been waiting for) summer and BBQ season will be here soon. Now if you live in an area where you can BBQ all year round-I envy you. And if you are a grill master (or a wanna be like me lol) you know that certain people like to have their steaks done differently. I, for one, admit that I have a hard time knowing when to take those steaks off the grill because I assume everyone wants them cooked well done just like mine.

I am going to give away a helpful tool for those that need help...like me. I've got a set of four personal steak thermometers to give away to one lucky reader. I am sure these will help you cook those steaks accurately and be easy to read-AND give your family, friends, and guests the comfort of knowing that their steaks will be done the way THEY like them.

Giveaway begins today and will end at 11:59 PM EST on May 1st. Open to US/Canada. I will be mailing prize myself-please allow a couple of weeks for prize fulfillment and if there are any issues (item backordered etc...) I will contact winner by email. Winner will be selected via Random.org-I have provided the prize myself as a thank you for visiting my blog. You must have your email address either in the comment or in your profile. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to winning email or I will select another winner.

For the first MANDATORY entry:

For your mandatory, first entry you must be a follower of my blog via GFC and tell me something you like to grill!

You can earn extra entries by doing the following- (+2 = 2 comments)

+2 Subscribe to my feed

+1 Twitter follower leave username please!

+5 Post this on any giveaway linky and let me know where, so I can check!

+2 Daily-can tweet 1x daily, leave link to tweet in post. Can use button below...

that's it! Good luck :)

Disclaimer: This item was purchased by me for my blog readers. I am an Avon Rep. and this is one of the new items coming out which I felt my readers might enjoy. Item has been ordered but if unavailable due to circumstances beyond my control, winner will be contacted and offered a substitution of equal value.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Countdown Begins...

As things wind down at work and the days get longer and warmer (lately though, that's been a joke-snow in April here in Maine!) I am waiting for my vacation and time of rest and relaxation after a very busy season. (I work about 8-9 months and then am laid off for 3-4)

This year has presented a lot of challenges at work, but without the great group of co-workers I have it would have been much harder. Sure, we all have our moments-I'd be wrong to say that every day at work was perfect-but we also help each other out and treat one another like family. Even when laid off, we usually keep in touch with one another, whether it be via Facebook, or just stopping in to say hello to those still there year round.

I'm heading back to Guatemala again during layoff. This time, for a month. While I am not looking forward to the plane ride (all the plane inspections in the news lately has me nervous) I am looking forward to heading to the Land of Eternal Spring-albeit during rainy season-to visit family and friends.

Last year, I was surprised that rainy season was dry and humid. During the 3 weeks we spent there, it only rained a few times. Hubby swears this wasn't normal, and to be prepared this year for lots of rain. Seeing his family bundled up in winter jackets, sweaters, etc... while we were walking around in shorts and tee shirts was too funny-50 degrees here in Maine is a heat wave, lol.

What I can live without... the spiders. And the mutant cockroaches. Look at the photo above of a cockroach that made it into our room one night. (hubby's family has a nice house, but these monsters come up from the sewers at night to look for food, I will bet that even the guy that lives in the mini mansion up the road has them wandering around lol)

Also, I am still not used to seeing armed guards everywhere. Considering Guatemala City has millions of inhabitants, some not so nice (it is one of the more violent countries in Central America and the world due to gangs and corruption) I understand why those guards are there, but it is still a bit unnerving. Imagine heading to Walmart CentroAmerica (HiperPaiz) for some shopping and being greeted by a guard with a BIG gun...lol. Also, I never wear a purse-you have to leave them in lockers there and I am not going to do that, even though you have a key or an ID to get your belongings later after you are done shopping. Nope, I will stuff the money in my bra the good old Guate way (just like my mother in law) and whip it out when needed. (the money, not the breast folks. But public breast feeding is VERY common over there.)

So the days are dwindling down and my luggage is filling up with gifts for family and friends. I am getting antsy, wanting the days to fly by quickly. I can almost smell the fresh made tortillas wafting in the air and see the bright colors of the market, full of delicious food and colorful textiles.

The countdown to vacation has begun...and am I ready!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend with the family-

I spent a lazy weekend with the grandkids and hubby watching TV and relaxing-and amazingly staying off the computer lol. I managed to get some much needed sleep over the weekend-turning 45 this past January has made me realize that a mid-afternoon cat nap is not a bad thing after all.

Even Deja thinks her mommy is old-she says when I drop her off at child care her friends whisper "Is THAT your mommy or your grandma?" Considering most of these kids have parents in their 20's and early 30's, I guess I do look pretty ancient, lol.

Look at my son and his girlfriend-TWO kids and they are only 16 and 18 themselves. Yikes, what ever happened to the teenage years? I often wonder if they will regret starting their family so young, I know if it were me, I honestly don't think I could have handled the responsibility as well as those two have. At least, now, his girlfriend is emancipated from her family and is getting her life in order.

Irregardless, I love, love, love the grandsons! Cannot wait until layoff to take them out in the nicer weather and do all sorts of fun things with them. Although they live with their parents, we see them often and help out when we can so that mom and dad get a break and can be teenagers for a little while.

I see so many teens having children, lots of teens in my neighborhood are pushing a baby carriage around the block, or stopping off at the park to play with their little ones. I often wonder if sometime these young mothers and fathers know what they are getting themselves into. I know a few of my sons friends are teen dads, and his girlfriend has more than a few friends who are new moms or pregnant moms to be. While my son has not continued on with his schooling, his girlfriend has, and is currently on the honor roll. I honestly hope that one day, when things settle down a bit-my son will graduate. I have to admit, last year he would have graduated and I was a bit nostalgic seeing his former classmates in their caps and gowns on Facebook.

Hoping for another lazy weekend relaxing soon-time goes by way too fast, and before you know it the moments spent with children and grandchildren are over as they grow up and form families of their own. For now, I am making the most of the moments I DO have and loving every minute of it!