Friday, February 21, 2014

Touching Base...and Living with a Tween.

Sigh... what have I created? My 12 year old is addicted to Fashion, Facebook and currently, Minecraft as well. I suppose I could have it worse, so these are actually the least of my worries. Junior High is a challenging time, with puberty, boys and wanting to fit in. My daughter has inherited my gift of gab AKA "Motormouth" so that she chatters non stop from morning to night. I now realize what my own mother had to put up with, lol. I'm proud to say that she's in band and has made high honors each quarter so far this year, which is wonderful news. I've asked her to do some posts on my blog, since I am still working full time right now and trying to not use my right arm all that much except for work. My house at times looks like an episode of Hoarders as I sift through things I need to toss, donate or keep...and find a place for. I've made some progress, but it seems my Spring cleaning has evolved into an all year cleaning since my arm was injured last March. The Winter here has been brutal, cold, icy and snowy, then repeat the cycle all over again. It hasn't let up since the end of December, when I was without power for 3 days and celebrated Christmas away from home due to no heat. (ice storm damage, my whole street had no power!) But it looks like the whole country has been pretty crazy with weather this Winter, and I can only imagine what the summer will be like. So, as I write this, I'm hoping to have my daughter post a few things-if I can convince (aka as BRIBE) her to do it. Wishing you all the best for the weekend... I leave you all with a photo of my daughter hard at work on her tablet, with her buddy (Stubby the cat) enjoying a nap on her. :)