Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MLS Cup 2012~!

It's been a little over a week since hubby and I got back from MLS Cup 2012... but I thought I'd give you all a trip report. Most of you know hubby is a soccer nut, years ago he actually played soccer (goalie) in a team for his hometown and his dad coached for many years-while his brother still plays in Guatemala. Every year since we have been going to Guatemala we've picked up a few EA Sports video games for his son and nephews to play on their Xbox and PS2 systems. Knowing hubby will be taking a trip again sometime next year, and that he will be thinking about gifts-I was checking out the upcoming 2013 video games on the internet and happened to see a sweepstakes offering a chance to go to MLS Cup 2012. I didn't think I'd actually win, but I entered-hey, someone has to win, right? The particular sweepstakes was a contest, asking people to pick the cover they liked the best for the upcoming FIFA 2013 soccer video game. As a consumer, I voted for the one I liked the best-the one that would appeal to me should I be shopping in a store and looking to make a purchase. I was at work one day, nonchalantly checking my email when I saw an email congratulating me on winning this particular sweepstakes. Thinking I'd won a secondary prize (though I wasn't sure they were offering one) I opened up and read and re-read the congratulations message. Wow... hotel, airfare, and a trip to MLS Cup 2012~! Now THAT was exciting! Of course, now I needed to call hubby. And wouldn't you know the ONE time I needed to have him answer the phone he didn't answer right off???!!! Finally he called me back and listened to me as I told him excitedly in Spanish what I had won and asking him if he wanted to come with me. He got quiet, and didn't say anything. (I don't think he believed me) Finally, he said yes! Of course he wanted to go! So I contacted the person who had sent me the message and let her know that we were definitely going! Now comes the fun part-the MLS Cup final location was to be determined. In the past, they had always known the location, but this year it was being done differently-and wherever we were headed it was a surprise and we'd find out a week or so before leaving. So I put my vacation time in quickly and waited... (and watched the games!) Finally, it was set in stone...we were going to Los Angeles! Wow... the West Coast. We were flying out Friday, heading to the game Saturday and coming home on Sunday. A very long travel time for a very quick trip. But you only live once... so we went for it! We arrived in LA and were tired. We'd been invited to the welcome reception that evening at Greystone Manor, but after jet lag, hubby working the night before, and me not having time to pack the swanky clothes I wanted to wear to an event of that type, we decided to chill in the lobby and order Mexican takeout delivered to the room :) Leave it to me to find takeout anywhere I go lol. We got into LA at 5 pm but after getting a ride to the hotel it was close to 6:30, so I picked up my credentials, checked in, and went to shower and relax in the room. The hotel was full of MLS people, and check in went super smoothly, thank goodness. We were able to get some wonderful pics of LA and the skyline, and we had a great city view. We headed to bed early, excited for the game the next day. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast buffet in the hotel before heading onto the bus that took us to the stadium. We got there a bit early so I could do some shopping-getting t-shirts for my daughter and taking more photos. Around 11, the stadium opened and they let us in right off, due to our credentials. We headed to the pre-game hospitality tent sponsored by El Jimador Tequila. Oh my gosh, there was food everywhere... and can anyone say free booze? Hubby was in his glory, and I have to admit I had a couple very well made margaritas myself. There were a few freebies as well, MLS Cup 2012 scarves and plush soccer balls with MLS Cup 2012 that we were able to get in the hospitality tent. The time came that we needed to get to our seats. I asked security where I would be sitting. They looked at my credentials and pointed to 6 black recliners set up on the sidelines... um... I didn't know what to say, but hubby just looked at me and his mouth dropped. The food, delicious. The drinks, thirst quenching. The seats? Priceless. Our view of the game was spectacular... we got lots of great photos and I was thrilled to see the actor Gerard Butler thisclose so that I could reach out and touch him if I wanted to. Lol. We also saw David Beckham play his last game with LA Galaxy, which in itself, was a moment in soccer history, and we were glad to be part of it. After the game, we hung around a bit to get player photos before heading back to the hospitality tent for MORE food and MORE drinks. This time, I had to order the Galaxy Blue, the signature drink they were promoting. Finally, it was back to the hotel-a quick trip to the lobby to purchase t-shirts for my grandsons and goodies for my mom from the gift shop, and on to bed! The hotel staff, Sara at the front desk, and Greg the concierge were wonderful. While I never met the woman (Nan) who had emailed me and made the travel arrangements for the sweepstakes during our trip to LA, I am so grateful for the trip and the opportunity they gave us to attend the game. It was a great trip-Yes, people do win these things-and BIG thanks to EA Sports, MLS Soccer and all those involved in making our trip such a great experience, we felt like true VIP's! I am posting a few photos of the trip for you to check out...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Deja's 11th Birthday!

Wow... it seems like almost yesterday I had my daughter. And to think, she turned 11 on December 7th... that young girl is now becoming a young woman. Of course, she will ALWAYS be my baby lol. But from what I have heard, a tween and teen daughter can be a handful...raging hormones, the arrival of "Aunt Flo" and the discovery of BOYS. She's already turning into a budding Fashionista-and has informed me of what is totally cool...and what isn't. Gone are the days I could pick out her little cute outfits, she now is into fashion. That means shopping. She's even been able to incorporate a little of her grandmother's clothing and mine (think 60's and 80's folks) into her wardrobe with some newer pieces to create whole new "cool" outfits that her friends in school compliment her on. I just knew that her birthday outfit needed to be special. For that, she chose black ribbed leggings (Kohls)and a women's medium beige top with beige sequins. (JCP) She also found the coolest (she says) pair of high top side zippered leopard sneakers at JCP which she HAD to have. Apparently, all went well-because 2 other budding Fashionistas promptly oohed and aahed over her outfit and stated they too were heading to buy those exact sneakers this weekend. Now, the latest fashion accessory seems to be boots. Since she isn't into high heels yet-the black Bearpaws she received made her happy. And of course, even though she's growing up-Draculaura and Frankie Stein are totally ghoul! So, thought I would share a few pics of my daughter's birthday with my readers. Pretty soon she will probably be writing her own fashion blog and getting more hits/better stats than dear old mom! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, the Holidays will soon be here before we know it!