Thursday, December 5, 2013

#FossilStyle for the Holidays...and Beyond! Deja's new Fossil watch for her 12th Birthday!

Disclaimer: I was recently invited to participate in a #FossilStyle campaign as a #FossilPartner. I was provided with, free of charge, a Fossil watch-however, all opinions on this post are mine alone, based on the product received. Thank you Fossil for providing me with the opportunity to share my experience with all of my readers!

My almost 12 year old daughter has been asking for a watch, since the one she previously had broke earlier this year. Let me tell you, once you are in Junior High, it's important to keep track of the time (according to her) because you only have so much time to get from point A to point B and without a watch you could be late. And then, if you are late, everyone notices you. For a 6th grader in her first year of Junior High, I guess that is a little too embarrassing-so the request for a new watch was an important one.

According to my daughter, the budding Fashionista that she is, proper accessories are also important. Something that is classic, goes with everything, and has just the right bit of bling to it is a must in my daughter's eyes. Considering that Saturday is her 12th birthday, I knew I needed to come up with something special. Awhile back, I'd been offered the opportunity to participate in a campaign for the Fossil brand, which as we all know has lots of amazing items that would make anyone happy during the holidays. (or during any time of the year to be honest!) When she saw the selections of watches I could choose from, her eyes lit up immediately. She pointed to the Fossil ES3379 Decker Chronograph Stainless steel watch and said THAT was the one. Little did she know that she'd be the recipient of this good looking watch! ;)

So I waited, and waited. I have to admit, I was getting a little nervous. But today, it came. Hubby and I had to sneak a peek... before she got home from school. When my husband saw the Fossil name on the sides of the gift tin it comes with, he started to get excited. "Geez, this feels heavy-could it be something for me?" were the first words out of his mouth. I told him not to get his hopes up, Santa hadn't come yet as far as HE was concerned.

When he handed the tin to me, I was even a little surprised. It WAS heavy. Which meant that it would be durable and last a long time, with proper care. My daughter's last watch cost half of what this one cost, I will admit, but lasted less than a year. To me, that is simply not a good investment. When hubby and I opened it up, we were both really surprised. You know how sometimes something will look really good online and then when you get it, you are like, "Uh, is this the same thing I saw?" Well in this case, it was even better! This looks just as nice online as it does in person-I am in love with the durable stainless steel band and the watch face being a different color-it really makes the crystal dial and crystals on the face stand out. Also, it could be worn with silver or gold jewelry and go very well with either. Keep in mind that this is a large watch, similar to what my husband wears in size, however it has a feminine twist, with the crystals providing just the right amount of bling. I can see this watch lasting for many years with the proper care, and it's a perfect choice for school, the office, or even an evening out.

When my daughter came home from school she settled in on the sofa and her Dad & I couldn't contain our excitement. Dad handed her the watch in the tin and said it was an early birthday gift. As you can see by the photos below she was very surprised and happy! The colors look great on her and she said it was awesome and she loved it. The only thing is the band is a little big for her wrist, so I may have to take it to the local jeweler to get some links removed so it will fit her right now. Other than that, I don't think it will be any problem fitting an adult wrist since it fits mine just fine. What would you like from for your holiday wish list? Right now I am loving their Fossil Polka Dot mini tablet easel for my new tablet!

I've had better days... and my husband is to blame. Not that I blame him completely, since he was a victim as well. A victim of what, you ask? A virus. You know the kind of virus I am talking about. The nasty, coughing, filled up with mucus I feel-like-I-just-got-run-over-by-a-truck virus you get maybe once or twice a year if you are NOT so lucky. I blame his boss. And I hope he is reading this. I mean, seriously, what responsible adult will cough and hack up a lung all over your co-worker and their lunch and not cover their mouth? Did he feel the need to share the love? Maybe he will feel the need to dig into his pocket to cover the week of work hubby missed without pay? Not like that is going to So after a week of feeling like crap, missing Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house, trying not to infect my coworkers or clients I ended up at the Dr. office today where I asked for and received (after some convincing) cough medicine with codeine. You know, like back in the day-the kind that was easy enough to get with a quick prescription or to sign for at the pharmacy counter. I miss those days. Nowadays you have to show a drivers license, and sign some paperwork, and are limited on how much you can get. God forbid I need a refill. As the week comes to an end... hoping you all have a great upcoming weekend (not too many days left before Christmas-yikes!) Mine will be busy at my daughter's birthday party on Saturday at the local bowling alley. (both my children are December babies so I have it super busy during the holidays) Hopefully will have some pics up of the party this weekend soon!