Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ah, the joys of parakeets!

Sorry for not having written in awhile, I figured with my layoff in March I'd be filling this blog with tons of thoughts but that is just not the case. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I had an accident that put me out of commission at the beginning of March. I did do a few blog posts after the fact, the good thing being that with blogger I can write a few words, rest, ice, repeat lol. Work starts up again in a few months, and lots of typing and writing are involved so I am trying desperately to build up my stamina so that I can work the full 8 hours with no pain. All I can say is... soft tissue injuries suck. That being said, let me introduce you to the newest members of the family. Previously I had 4 cats, 2 lived outside and in the basement and 2 indoors. On my birthday in January I had to put down one of my cats because she was sick (even though she stayed in the yard the other outdoor cat wandered and he definitely got into something, he was sick about a week, and smelled dead and looked horrible-as soon as she started to exhibit signs of what he had, off she went to the vet to be put away humanely. Unfortunately as sick as the other one was, he took off as we were rounding up Cat #1 and we never found him so I assume he went off to die someplace before I could get him to the vet.) I think we figured out what happened-there was a squirrel that was half eaten in my basement-said zombie squirrel did not look too healthy himself and while it was not rabies we think it got into some D-Con and my hunter cat brought home his kill to share with the one who stayed close to home. I already have 2 cats indoors so my daughter decided she wanted birds this time around. My co-worker Deb was sweet enough to give me a cage that she had from when she had birds herself, and my other co-worker Sarah (the resident bird expert lol) told me all I needed to know and provided me with a couple of books for my daughter to read. On Feb. 1st Kiko (the blue parakeet) arrived. We had gone to Petco to choose one and my daughter said he seemed calm and was staring at her intently so she chose him. (we are still not sure of its sex, but think he is a HE) He came home and was quiet and withdrawn. He seemed to perk up only when we listened to Spanish Cumbia music and would chirp excitedly. I'd put other budgie sounds on my computer from Youtube and he was quite talkative to my computer too, but he seemed lonely... A month later, hubby and I are getting bird food again at Petco when he decides it is time for Kiko to have a girlfriend. He looks at one mostly white with blue parakeet squawking up a storm and kissing another one and decides he wanted that one. This bird is smaller than Kiko and I am concerned they will fight, but amazingly they got along just fine. Deja seemed to think it was a girl bird and named her Keera. Now the two of them don't shut up. When I want to watch TV, they are squawking away-when I shush them they just make angry budgie noises at me and keep on going. My cats want to eat them...literally. For awhile my cat Stubby would gaze intently at them through the living room door window and lick his chops. Lately my cat has been coming in the living room when we are in here and gazing intently up at them. They of course sense danger and move away quickly, taunting him as he tries to get a closer look. He of course knows that they are off limits but doesn't mind watching them-and he seemed almost bored at times with them which is a good thing. But I still won't let them out of the cage when he is in the room ;) So here they are.... the latest additions to the Kiko and Keera!


mail4rosey said...

We had two parakeets when I was little and I just loved them!

I'm visiting today from Linking w/my Ladies. Thanks for sharing. :)

Michele P. said...

thanks for the comment!