Friday, June 7, 2013

It's time for Maine Seafood! Local Business Post-Belanger's Drive-In

Maine and fresh seafood go together. I mean, who doesn't know about Maine lobster, right? (tidbit about me... I am from Maine and have never eaten a lobster! Yikes!) Earlier this week I finally got a chance to go to Belanger's Drive In, which is a local family owned business that usually closes up in the Winter months and opens up right around Memorial Day. In addition to selling seafood baskets, they also sell chicken baskets, burgers, fries, hot dogs and ice cream-so something for the whole family. (you can find them on facebook here) While I love to eat there, I had to hurry home for an appointment-so brought my whole fried clam basket back with me and took a photo for you all :) This clam basket usually goes for around $11 or so... with fries and a dinner roll, it is the perfect size and although that might seem pricey for a basket, it really isn't-if you go to those fancy restaurants on the coast you will easily pay double. (tourist fees I call them!) Did you know Maine also has native shrimp? Usually when you buy a shrimp basket at a seafood place here in Maine you will get the Native shrimp, not the other types of shrimp the big chains use. Native shrimp are smaller and have a sweeter flavor. My two favorite things at Belanger's are the Native shrimp basket and the Fried Clams (whole bellies) or fried clam strips baskets. Pair it with one of their delicious milk shakes and you are good to go! So folks, if you are ever in Maine and want to head inland a bit, you might just find a few local gems waiting for you to try out.


mail4rosey said...

My sister-in-law lives in Maine and doesn't eat seafood...can you imagine??? :)

Michele P. said...

lol... too funny. All I eat is the fried clams, clam strips and native shrimp-people tell me I'm nuts because I've never tried lobster but once I saw them cooking in a pot I felt so bad for them I said I'd never eat them and I've held true to my word... (hubby on the other hand makes up for that by eating 2!)