Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pepe Le Peeeyewww!

Every year the area under my neighbor's porch is prime real estate for...skunks, raccoons, squirrels, you name it. The man who lived in the house last year chased out a HUGE raccoon male and female who apparently wanted to nest there. They ran across my backyard and my cat sat intently, not moving, watching them while I watched from the back door.

Lately, on garbage nights (like tonight!) I have seen a HUGE fat skunk waddling around the neighborhood. I assume he lives under the porch as well, since I have seen him in that area. The lady who moved in has three cats, two indoor and one outdoor. Her outdoor cat has apparently used a pet door before because we have caught him in our kitchen several times, eating from my cat's dishes while my cats just sit staring at this uninvited dinner guest. The thing is, the pet door is on my basement door, so the cats have to go through my basement pet door, up the stairs and through another pet door to my kitchen. Quite a long trip for some kibble, eh?

Anyways, last night hubby and I were sleeping when we were awakened by this horrific odor. My eyes were watering, throat burning-and all I could think of was that Pepe LePew had found that wonderful kibble in the kitchen and was chowing down when he was interrupted by one of my kitties and let loose a good one. Hubby decided to be brave, and headed to the kitchen-(we have forced hot air heating so air vents from the basement to all the rooms were filled with this noxious odor) no black and white friend in the kitchen. So then he gets really brave and heads down to the basement, making noise loudly as he goes. I guess he figured he'd scare him some more and get him to run out the other pet door. Apparently our friend was in the basement, but left in a hurry. The basement smells horrible. Have you ever driven by a dead skunk and not smelled anything until you got PAST it? Well imagine that in your basement, and in every room in your house. So in the daytime, we are airing out the house and suffering in the cooler evenings. I don't even want to think about adding some heat to the mixture. I came home from lunch today and thought I was going to gag. Tomorrow is payday, and guess what I will be buying? Lots of Glade scented oil warmer refills-to fill my home full of scent-the RIGHT kind.


Lisa Loo said...

I AM SO SORRY!! We have lots of skunks here--and the smell is awful! The only thing about air fresheners is that then it smells like a skunk in a flower bed!

AngiDe said...

Hey thanks for visiting my site and entering the giveaway! Good luck!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have a friend who is an exterminator... he told me he gives out advise for free when it comes to skunks...if you put small transistor radio turned on as loud as you can tolerate and put it as close as you can to where they are nesting.perferably when they are out for a walk.. they will actually leave because they like a quiet place to raise their babies..., by the time the batteries run out the family will have moved on to quieter places.