Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween Heroes-What Super Costume Do You Like?

Wow! Over at they are giving away some really neat Halloween costumes. The thing is, they can be used for more than just Halloween-your kids and their friends can use them for pretend play and dress up throughout the year.

Check it out: Do you see any that you like? Deja's top picks are the cowgirl: and the pink doctor's outfit : what cute sets, huh? And there are lots more as well. 5minutesformom is giving away several of their costumes in certain sizes to some very lucky kids. But you have to hurry, because they will be drawing the winners on Wednesday, October 8th! And remember, if you don't see any that you like or just don't happen to win this time around, you can still buy the costumes for your little ones in their store! Good Luck!

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