Monday, October 13, 2008

Circle of Friends-We Love Their Stuff!

I am really impressed with A Circle of Friends-awhile back I won a cute lunchbag and some products from A Wrestling Addicted Mommy's Blog ( in one of her giveaways. A few years back I had found some of their Ana Banana shampoo (which smells VERY good) and their chocolate body lotion in the clearance bin at our local Bath and Body Works so I knew a little about their products and was excited for the prize package to arrive, because it had been several years since I had last tried it on Deja and I had been unable to find it any more in my area.
The package was shipped directly from the company, and when I received it I got the lunch bag and a photo, and a couple of small, individual type samples---not the soap, sponge, and lotion I'd seen on the blog giveaway. I waited a day or two, to see if perhaps the other items were being shipped separately but nothing arrived. In the meantime, I'd gone to their website ( and placed an order for the Lice Free Zone Shampoo and Conditioner since I did NOT want another repeat of these critters in Deja's hair. Also, I thought the yummy smelling Abebi's Safari Detangler would be great to ease those morning tears when brushing her hair.

Lucky for me, I had the email address of the gentleman named Danny over at Circle of Friends and I emailed him letting him know, while grateful for my lunch bag, I was wondering if the rest of the items were indeed included with this blog win and if they would be arriving shortly. Later, while at work, I received a phone call from Danny asking me to confirm what I had received and then telling me he would research it and let me know what was going on. He did mention that he thought that perhaps I'd been shipped one of the free lunch bag promo packages instead, which included just a lunch bag, some samples etc... since it was currently a promo they were running for people that had bought their product and filled out a form to get a freebie lunch bag. Danny also seemed pleased that I had ordered additional products from them, and let me know via email that he was glad I was a new customer.
I was very impressed with his follow through and excellent customer service. I mean, they didn't have to send me anything-this a was a freebie that they had donated as a prize but Danny was determined to make it right. Later that day he sent me an email telling me they were sending me out a brand new package, lunchbag and all-and he told me to keep the other one, so Deja and I could have matching lunch bags if we wanted to! I thought that was really sweet of him, and I am so glad he took care of the problem because we were able to try more awesome products that I know we will be ordering again. Deja loves her mandarin orange bath sponge, and so far, after using the Lice Free Zone products we haven't seen a trace of them. (I was a bit late in starting to use them, so we did have another lice scare the first of the school year) It's a good thing too, because the school just sent out a newsletter last week announcing lice are back in the school. I check Deja religiously now just to be sure, but using the Lice Free Zone products have really made a difference for us and given me piece of mind knowing I am using safe products to prevent these critters from coming back-chemicals just are NOT an option.

If you get a chance, head on over and see if they have something you can use for your kiddos. You would be surprised at how many nice smelling goodies they have over there, making bath time safe and fun. I know I will be back, any company that is willing to fix an error and make it right is OK in my book. Be sure to check their promo page to see what is on special this month, you can get some pretty good deals. Also, sign up for a newsletter if you can---because you just might get an unadvertised code to use on a further discount than what is on the site! I just missed an awesome one by not reading my emails until the item that was discounted was out of stock. So be sure to open those emails and act quickly, before it is too late. I am sure you will find something that you will love at Circle of Friends!


Gina said...

Thanks for emailing me. I always wonder if/when people actually get their prizes and what they think.

Sorry there was a mix up but glad Danny made it right and that you found something you've been looking for for several years, that's great.

My favorite is the detangler and the Ana Banana shampoo they work great it both the girls hair and make it so much more manageable. We're almost out so I'll be picking up some more products for stocking stuffers this Christmas.

Plaidfuzz said...

I think my daughter has about every Circle of Friends product made, lol. She likes the chocolate lotion and I think has the raspberry shampoo and conditione right now.

Katy said...

Hi There, thanks for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway! It most definitely is open to internationals!