Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tooth Update

Well, last week-I left work early and ended up having an emergency appointment at the dentist. It was either that, or the Emergency Room. My face had started to swell up and things were not going too well.

I am still in some pain, but a different type of pain now. My visit to the dentist this past Wednesday resulted in a double extraction of TWO infected bottom teeth, one on each side. Oh the joy! For someone who had never had an extraction, it was NOT a fun experience-but, I really didn't feel anything. My dentist was wonderful and gave me enough numbing meds so that other than the few cracks and pops I could hear, I didn't have any pain during the procedure.

And to think, I went to the dentist hoping to get an antibiotic to heal the infection and then worry about extractions after the infections were gone. No such luck here, but as the dentist said, I would start to feel better and he was right. Sure, my mouth is still sore, and I am having a hard time eating some stuff and getting accustomed to my two open spaces but in time the area will heal over and I will be able to think about options available to me as far as bridges, replacements, etc... go.

Sorry I have been absent as of late, the antibiotics have been making me SO sleepy! Wishing all my readers a wonderful week ahead :)

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