Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holidays 2010

I wasn't so sure I was going to have a Christmas tree this year-the holidays seemed to come so fast and our plans to go and get a tree always got sidelined by some other urgent thing we had to do.

About a week before Christmas, hubby decided we'd go out and get a tree. We went to our local spot where we get a tree each year and ended up with a $10 tree, affordable and pretty when dressed up with ornaments. Usually the tree we get ends up costing more, but it is also up right after Thanksgiving as well.

Then I wondered where on Earth we were going to put it this year. Our living room is crowded with all kinds of stuff, since hubby has been wanting to re-do the flooring and put wood laminate in instead of the nasty carpet we have now. Our usual spot for the tree was occupied by some boxes and a recliner, so that was definitely out.

I said, well, we could put it in the kitchen... and there it went. It actually wasn't bad, because the cats lounged under the tree during the day and the mess from the pine needles was easier to clean up too. Plus we all just sat at the table and on the floor and opened our gifts-and I didn't worry about paper flying or stuff falling, because my floor is much easier to clean than carpet.

My little grandsons came over and boy was little Demetrio excited to start opening presents! As Deja was opening her gifts he kept trying to "help" her by ripping the paper off and smiling widely as she revealed her gifts. Since my house is a work in progress, I am a little embarrassed about the 50's style kitchen cabinets we have-I absolutely HATE them, but hubby keeps telling me that good things come to those that wait. So I have been waiting ... lol. Considering it's been a few years now, he is either waiting to win the lottery or hoping they will up the credit limit on his Home Depot Card.

Wishing all my readers a wonderful New Year-and thanks for visiting! Don't forget to enter my giveaway for the NuWave oven either, it's ending in a couple weeks!

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