Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh My Aching Tooth!

I just knew I shouldn't have eaten those peanuts that my mom got me for Christmas. But there they were, calling me from the sealed bag late one evening. I gave in to the temptation, and think those darn peanuts are partly responsible for the tooth pain I have been having these past couple of days.

See, the pain started AFTER I ate the peanuts. Now it could be a coincidence and all, but I can't help thinking that one of those little peanut pieces has lodged into my gums and found a new home while hiding from the toothbrush.

All my wisdom teeth came in years ago, and I basically have had no problems with them. Sure, once in awhile things get tender in the rear of my mouth-but it's nothing major. Maybe a little sensitive or sore to the touch, but nothing like what I have experiencing the past few days.

At first, when the pain arrived, I was sure it was a cavity I know I needed to have filled on my upper right side. A recent visit to the dentist indicated a small cavity near a filling, so I thought the filling must have come out, causing the pain. My cheek hurt, my top gums hurt, and even the bottom was tender. Today, a quick look in the mirror shows me the culprit... the right rear wisdom tooth appears to have swollen gums and a white abscess in the back. Of course, with the pain shooting in all directions, I had no clue that it was this until I actually got hubby to peer in my mouth and tell me to check it out.

Last night was rough-I curled up in a ball and cried myself to sleep. I tried to concentrate on other things, spending time online for a bit and even watching AC360 and the smiling face of Anderson Cooper, but the stabbing, throbbing pain prevented me from doing so. Sleep came fitfully, tossing and turning I woke up at least 10 times in pain as my cat (who always seems to sense when I am sick) nudged against me and remained by my side all night.

I get to see the dentist for an emergency appointment....next Tuesday. In the meantime, I am borrowing hubby's 800mg Ibuprofen so I can get through the day. I am hoping that the inflammation will go down and the pressure will be relieved. Knowing my luck, by the time I get to see the dentist, I will be feeling just fine.

I am terrified of dentists, I don't know why-I mean, when I was younger, I disliked going to them but never really had an issue with getting dental work done. But now, as I am older, I have developed some sort of insane fear of going to the dentist. My teeth are MUCH more sensitive now that I am older, perhaps that is why.

So here I sit and wait, tired from my Ibuprofen fix, trying to keep the pain at bay by thinking about other things, reading blogs, and writing in my own. And hoping that sleep will come easier tonight...

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