Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NuWave Oven Review

Early one morning last week I heard my husband come home and turn on the TV as he settled down in bed next to me. I had to work in a couple of hours, and really didn't want to be bothered by the light shining from the TV but I figured if it was keeping him entertained... then so be it.

But instead of the normal "guy" stuff he usually watches (boxing, old Westerns, action flicks...) I was hearing some infomercial talk about something called a NuWave oven. This was NOT good. If my husband was keeping the channel on long enough to sit through an infomercial, something was telling me I had better have my wallet out. (or at least a major credit card)

I do NOT buy things from infomercials, I hate the inflated shipping charges and the fact that it might NOT do what it's supposed to. I opened an eye and glanced over at him... the poor man was salivating watching the foods cooking in this oven. I calmly told him to turn off the TV and go get himself a bowl of cereal and milk.

All week the man did NOT shut up. I have to admit, he kept that infomercial on WAY too long and interrupted my minimum 8 hours nightly beauty sleep. For that I was NOT pleased. But that did not stop him from talking about the NuWave oven and all its cooking goodness-nope, it made him even want the darn thing MORE...

Finally, I gave in and started researching it online. Checking out the good and the bad. Trying to make an informed decision, as any smart consumer would. But I was determined not to pay shipping or give out any information to anyone over the phone. Knowing that "Seen on TV" products can sometime be found in regular stores, I knew I'd hit paydirt when someone mentioned they had gotten theirs at Kohl's.

Ah Ha! And I just happened to have a new Kohl's card that needed breaking in. First, I checked online to no avail. No NuWave oven on the website that I could find. Then I called the store. When the friendly associate confirmed that they indeed had them in stock, I knew what was going to happen next. My husband, rubbing his hands together and grinning like an evil scientist plotting the end of the world announced that as soon as our daughter's birthday party was over we were heading to the nearest Kohl's.

This was a battle I knew I had lost. So off we went this past Saturday in search of a NuWave oven. My husband, who has been to Kohl's all of four times, apparently had some sort of radar or something-as he made a bee line to the exact spot where these ovens were located with no assistance. Eagerly he picked up a box and began walking at a good clip to the checkout area. My daughter and I hurried after him, trying to catch up.

Once we got the NuWave oven home, he lovingly laid the box on top of the stove and waited for me to do something. I did do something, I ordered takeout. I made him suffer a few days, until today. For when I came home tonight, I was greeted to the sight of my NuWave oven cooking steak and baked potatoes. By golly, he'd even mopped the entire kitchen floor to get on my good side.

By now, I am sure you will want to know how the food tasted. Amazingly, it was good. The thing worked. It was neat seeing the grease dripping off the steaks and knowing that I was going to be eating a bit healthier tonight, and it is much better than pan frying up a steak for sure. The potatoes were good too, and crunchy, not soggy in the least. The house didn't fill with smoke, and clean up (which hubby ALSO did) was a breeze. Cooking was quick as well, with the NuWave oven using convection, infrared and conduction combined I was surprised at how fast the food cooked.

I am anxious now to try a few other things in it, such as a roast, pizza, whole chicken, etc... While the oven is around $120 or so, I got it for a little under a hundred using Kohl's cash and the percent off coupons they have been sending out lately. So far, I am satisfied with my purchase and hope to continue using it to create more great meals for the family in less time-especially since my full time job has been crazy these past couple of months. A NuWave oven would make a great holiday gift, for yourself or a family member :) I think hubby has already gotten me my gift, lol! (we'd just finished cooking in it, hence the steam on the inside in the photo)

Disclaimer: I was not provided with anything from the company for this review, this was done to let others know about a product I bought and paid for myself and my own experience with it. Your own opinions or experiences may differ.


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