Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Pics from Rhode Island

During our recent trip to Rhode Island, my little grandson tagged along with us. He actually seemed quite at ease sitting on hubby's lap in the parking lot thinking he was driving my car. (he did hit the horn a couple of times to hurry his parents up a bit as they were in the store taking up WAY too much time, lol)

I also got to go to a party while there-a friend of ours little boy made his Confirmation and I have to admit he looked very handsome in his all white suit! My daughter was upset, she'd stayed home with Grandma in Maine and when she heard that her little friend had a party and she wasn't there, she was very disappointed. I wish I'd known ahead of time, so that she could have come with us. But I've set up a play date for the local Chuck E. Cheese in about a month before we fly out to Guatemala, so she'll get to see him then.

And finally, Pupusas to go! Deja had asked me to bring her Pupusas from the local El Salvadoran restaurant while we were there, so I ended up getting some Pupusas revueltas and brought them home-I can tell you they didn't last very long in this house ;)

We'll be heading back down there again sometime this month and finally in June before we fly out on the 17th for Central America. I've been super busy catching up on emails and getting the necessary doctor appointments, dentist visits and shots (ouch!!!) needed for our trip. Knowing my luck, I will end up with some foreign sickness and spend most of my time in the bathroom! So... because I don't want that to happen, I am getting the needed shots and meds here before I go for myself and Deja. Hubby feels he doesn't need anything, and he's been fine each time he's gone before so he says he's all set. (he HATES going to the dr. office, and I think that might have something to do with him not wanting to get meds and shots!) It's raining here today in Maine and damp and dreary-so I'll be cleaning house and trying to get some blogging and emails done as I am so far behind on everything! Wishing you all a wonderful week!


DesignTies said...

I had to Google pupusas -- although I assumed it's what's in your first picture :-) Looks and sounds yummy!!

Good luck in our Lisa Leonard giveaway :-)


Anonymous said...

Very smart in that white suit!