Saturday, November 28, 2009

Watch your mail!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered some Eco-Friendly Swiffer Wet Jet reusable pads from Etsy and waited for them to arrive. I've been sicker than a dog with either H1N1 or the regular flu since Wednesday afternoon, so I missed out on turkey, Black Friday and of course all the fun that goes along with that stuff.

I got the message from the Etsy seller that my package was shipped and although I have been pretty darn weak, I was going to bribe a teenager into mopping the kitchen floor once my pads arrived. Plus they were in a cute pattern that I had picked out, and I was so looking forward to getting my cute pads AND helping the environment as well by not using the throw away ones.

Man, was I bummed today when I got the envelope from hubby. It was flatter than a pancake and the USPS had put a sticker with checkmarks on the front saying: Received Unsealed and Received Without Contents. Apparently, someone at the postage facility decided they liked my sweeper pads and thought they'd make a good gift for the wife or mother in law...

Of course, I emailed the poor vendor to let her know. I don't blame her for anything, and the package wasn't slit in any way. She did use just the gummed sticky strip from the mailer, and no reinforcement tape so perhaps it actually did come out with shipping and the post office isn't to blame either. These things just happen due to this time of year and all the cards, mail and packages that are going out. I didn't insure my package, and I doubt she did either-I just wanted her to be aware that they didn't arrive. I will probably order more after the holidays-with kids birthdays and Christmas I doubt I will have funds to order much before then. Hubby, bless him, felt so bad he gave me 5 bucks and asked me to see if I could find another one on Etsy because I was so worked up. Amazingly I did find a set of 2 from another vendor, and free shipping to boot... for $5. (and that is probably due to the sales going on for Cyber Monday and Black Friday) But I still want my other ones too!!! Sigh... those, like all good things, will have to wait.

But just make sure when shipping out packages to use plenty of tape, especially this time of year as the volume of packages shipped goes up tremendously. (and the thieves are out as well, if not in the PO then perhaps in your neighborhood following the mail truck and taking your packages if you aren't home) The contents of my package were about $14 or so-not huge, but not something I can afford to replace immediately either.

So the kitchen floor awaits, sticky, grubby and totally nasty. I did manage to get a teenager to sweep it, which is a good thing considering the ones that live in my house have a hard time keeping their own room clean. Hubby has volunteered to mop the floor tomorrow, but it is not his idea of a weekend of rest since he cleans floors for a living lol. Plus all those nasty chemicals, while they will clean the floor, they won't be healthy for kids or cats. (and believe me, he uses the STRONG stuff meant for industrial cleaning!)

So don't forget people, watch your holiday mail, contact people to make sure it gets to its destination, and be sure to be good about packaging due to the heavy mail volume at this time of year. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday-or at least much better than mine, which was mostly spent in bed shivering with a fever of 101-102!

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