Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hubby is Sick... tests being done.

Hubby is sick.... I just don't know how sick yet. For the past week he's had a swollen area in his left inguinal groin area. Ok, so I was thinking hernia. No big deal, people get them all the time. And he does lift heavy stuff and machinery in his line of work from time to time.

So being the wife I am, I scolded him and told him that if it didn't go away he'd have to go to the doctors. And then I waited about a week, it grew bigger, and I called the doc to make an appointment.

So we went to the doctor yesterday and of course it was a newbie. (we go to a place where we have residents working for a couple of years under the regular doctors.) He examines him and then goes out to get the regular doc. The regular doc comes in and feels around and then they both leave the room to "talk." By then, I am squirming a little uncomfortably in my seat.

Newbie doc #1 comes in and tells us it is not a hernia. Um, that much I figured out by the way they were acting. Then he says we needed to go to the hospital-that same day after we left our appointment with him-to get blood work and a CAT Scan done. Having lost my dad this past Feb. to a 5cm mass in his lung I knew what they were thinking.

So I call in to work for the rest of the day, knowing I most likely will be at the hospital. We go to Preregistration and he gets his blood work done and we head to the Radiography area. As we are walking, the lady from registration comes running to us and gives us a paper saying to take it to the Radiography Dept. with us. I glance down at the paper and it says, "Patient has a 3cm mass in left inguinal canal not consistent with a hernia." Uh-oh. And the doctor wanted the results the same day, not a week or so down the line like a normal scan would go.

So we head to Radiography who doesn't even know we are coming. They are super busy, but the nice girl who does the CAT scans tells us hubby has to drink that yucky white stuff and come back in a little over an hour. So we head home and lucky for him his buddy Mario is outside working on a car so while he is drinking that nasty substance he has someone to talk to, not to mention laughing at him because of the faces he makes while drinking it. I of course being my paranoid self hop on the computer and start researching things out. Some explanations of what he has going on are not serious, some are. It gives me a little hope knowing this could just be an infection and that he will be fine when he gets some antibiotics.

So we head back to the hospital and I go with him for the CAT scan. That goes just fine, but we don't leave till a little after three. And of course we are both starving, so head to Wendy's so he can eat. Around 5 pm before the doctor office closes I call and leave a message with the receptionist telling her I am waiting for a call. The doctor doesn't call me until around 6:30, apologizing because it took the radiologist longer than anticipated to read the film. He then goes on to tell me all blood work is fine, and that he was calling in hubby a Z-pack to take beginning today. He explains that the Scan showed enlarged lymph nodes, one bigger than the others and a few that are also a little big. He is going to need a follow up appointment in a week he says, and then irregardless of taking the Z-pack we are going to schedule a biopsy. So now we wait.... he starts the Z-pack today and then a biopsy is going to be in the not too distant future.

I seriously hope it is just an infection. Or something weird going on in his body that goes away and is nothing to worry about. I'm headed to work now, to take my mind off things. I tend to dwell on them too much. I will post again with an update as I know what's going on...

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Rose @ NetWorkingWitches said...

I'll keep you all in my prayers. I'm sorry this is such a scary time. My daughter had a swollen lymph node in her neck, and that scared me, bad.
Thinking good thoughts!
~ Rose