Monday, November 2, 2009

NovaSure, Post Op Experience

It's been a about 6 weeks or so that I had my NovaSure surgery, and I really don't know what to think. The doctor who did it told me to expect some leaking and stuff (eww! I know, TMI) for 4-6 weeks and I would know how my periods would turn out in about 3 months.

I have to admit, I was excited. I had heard of others who had heavy periods who now have nothing at all. Or if they do, the results are minimal and they can live with it. So I have endured the past 6 weeks of light spotting, and the watery leaking with panty liners and low flow pads. I figured after having my uterine walls burned off and a D & C to boot that inside is just one big ole wound that needs to heal. I've seen my kids get cuts and scrapes, and seen how they leak at times onto the Bandaids, so figured well, that is what my uterus is doing right now.

My period was pretty regular at about every 3 weeks or so... it would always come a week earlier than the month before so I could effectively plan for Aunt Flo's visit. Now, that system is a bit screwed up. I have to admit I was surprised on Halloween to have a backache and the low, dull pain in my lower back and abdomen that announces her arrival every month. I was foolish enough to honestly believe that I could get a reprieve and that she would never grace my doorstep again... or at least MY uterus lol... (with a 7 yr. old daughter, I know she will be waiting in the wings somewhere until the time is right.)

Sure enough, she made her appearance known yesterday. I've gone from panty liners to the heavier pads I wore pre-surgery. I know I am not filling them up as quickly as before, but it is still surprising to have a period this early into the game. Especially when everything had been cleaned out. I have this feeling that it is still early, give it time-and my periods will be right back to where I was prior to my surgery. I'm obviously disappointed and hope that I'm wrong of course, but given what has happened so far I am drawing my own conclusions.

So I am going to wait the full 3 months and see what happens when my body finally regulates itself. And look for good deals on pads at the stores in the meantime, lol. Because for some reason-I don't think Aunt Flo has stopped her monthly visits with me yet!


Leslie M. said...

Darn it!!!! What a pain in the behind!!! you can't catch a break!! I'm so sorry!!!
Hugs and wait and see!!
ughhhhh I hope this is just a little "left over" hahha

The Little Miss said...

yes wait 3 months. A lot changes and you will see! Love your blog by the way :)
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Anonymous said...

Hi, I had the Novasure procedure done on Sept. 29, 2009. I was having 7-10 day heavy periods so my Dr. recommended it. After the procedure I had light bleeding and discharge for about 4 weeks, then I got my regular period almost a week later. I am now on my second cycle since the procedure and haven't seen any changes. My period still flows heavily as if nothing happened. My question is how long should It take to see any results, or is this a sign that the procedure didn't work?

Anonymous said...

My doctor said if you are overweight the procedure may not be successful and if you gain weight the bleeding can come back...more weigh more estrogen more bleeding