Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Take me Out to the Ball Game!

July 4th we attended the Fisher Cats baseball game in Manchester, NH. They were playing our home team, the Portland SeaDogs and it was Deja and Daddy's first time at a semi-pro game. Geez, when we lived in Pawtucket, RI we never went to any of the games down there, now hubby sees all the fun he missed!

It was a great game and lots of fun-Deja managed to get a tour of the ball park thanks to Tanya, a NH friend who had organized a convention in which we were attendees. She and daddy really enjoyed seeing the ball park behind the scenes, and she couldn't wait to tell me that underneath the park there was beach sand. We got a nice buffet and then the highlight of the night, fireworks!

The weather co-operated too, which was amazing since every other day managed to be a washout. New England weather has been terribly rainy this summer, and now that it is hot and humid, I am sick! Go figure, I end up getting a cold from the air conditioner. I am stuffed up and miserable, and existing solely on Advil Cold & Sinus for the moment. I am headed to take a nap, so have a great week people!

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