Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meet Stubby Stripes

This is Stubby Stripes-he is about a year old now and while I originally got him for my dad I ended up with him again after my dad passed away in February.

Notice the stub of a tail... and how he lies down-I have never seen anything like it. He is the guilty party for ruining my keyboard-he jumped up to see me and get some love and affection and ended up knocking over Deja's can of orange soda pop. I got affection all right-in the form of a sticky shower of orange droplets and the majority of the contents landed right into the keyboard. I still can't use some keys, such as the question mark, even after cleaning things out. I think Stubby got a taste too, since I caught him licking his fur while looking guiltily at me from the hallway floor.

From what I can see, apparently he is an American Bobtail cat. His mother, Stripes, doesn't have a full tail either; although her tail is a bit longer than Stubby's. She has had other kittens in her first litter that didn't have tails either, so apparently there is some sort of a genetic mutation going on somewhere down the line. My son saw a male Manx cat near Stripes shortly before she got pregnant (Stripes is Demetrio's girlfriend's cat) and he insists that that cat is Stubby's dad. Another thing, this cat is HUGE. He was almost 9 lbs when he was 6 mos. old and he keeps on growing. A gigantic mutant cat, how wonderful.

But he is a good cat and has a great disposition. He has taken over control of the house however, and my older three cats are not dealing with it too well. (everyone is fixed, so that is not the issue) My alpha female cat Brujita is none too happy that Stubby wants to play-at 10 she has outgrown that type of behavior and is much happier if left alone curled up in a ball somewhere taking a long cat nap.

The hallway looks kind of gross, but we took up the carpeting and are going to be putting down wood laminate soon. With hubby's foot issues, we have the materials but it has been a challenge trying to get things done. Hopefully soon some friends of his will come over and help out and we will have wood laminate flooring in the living room and entry hallway. Hubby was in lots of pain (which he felt afterwards) for ripping up the hall carpeting-so I don't want him to make the mistake of doing it alone and hurting his knee and foot even worse. And as far as I go, I am totally useless in those types of things!

So anyways, meet Stubby-a very crazy cat with a very strange way of relaxing. Maybe some of you have a cat that does this too, I just thought it was a very strange position to be all stretched out like that. Have a great weekend folks!

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