Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Home from vacation!

Just got home-planned on coming home tomorrow but had to make sure my son and the cats hadn't destroyed the house. It was a close call, but I think the house is gonna survive. It feels great to be home, staying in hotels is nice-but nothing is better than sleeping in your own bed at night.

We had a couple of sunny days, but the overcast skies and the rain were pretty much the theme of the day, even in Southern New England. Irregardless, it was a relaxing break from the view from my front door and I didn't have to deal with the new washing machine I broke after using it only ONE TIME before I left. It still sits there in my laundry room, brand new, stickers still on it-and shudders and shakes every time I turn it on. Note to any readers who care: DO NOT overload your washer. I went from a family sized one to a 2.4 model-better suited for my mom who lives alone. In my laundry room it now sits-a cruel reminder of my stupidity. I guess shit happens, but now I have tons of laundry to do! Never fun in my opinion, lol. (and to rub it in, I got a notice the water will be shut off in my area tomorrow during most of the day due to a pipe line issue...guess I can never win!)

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Leslie M. said...

I'm sorry BeBe!!!!
Gosh you are having it ROUGH!!!!!!!
I am just going to pray so hard for you!!!! God is going to shine and show his Mercy on you!!!!
PLEASE Lord!!!!