Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Review-Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters

Right before we went away for our July 4th vacation I received a package from My Blog Spark-in it was the Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters, one of each flavor (Roasted Almond, Roasted Cashew, Honey Roasted Peanut, and Nut Lovers)to try out with my family.

I am no stranger to granola bars, I will eat them occasionally and I like the ones that have nuts, or chocolate chips, or peanut butter chips, etc... I really don't care much for just plain granola bars. I was familiar with the name Nature Valley, since I have purchased some of their other products in the past but it had been awhile since I had eaten anything remotely healthy for me.

First let me start by saying I don't eat healthy. Fried, fast food and lots of calories have been my best friends. Sure, I will drink a diet soft drink-but get the large fries and sandwich which kind of defeats the purpose. In the past, eating something even remotely good for you had the flavor and texture of pressed cardboard, so I stopped eating it. Now, I am obese and miserable- and at the heaviest I have ever been. I would love to find a great snack that can satisfy my craving for sweets but also be good for me. Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters fit into both categories.

My first bag I opened was the Nut Lovers. I love nuts, and am also aware that eating them in moderation can actually be good for you, and provide a health benefit. The first thing that hit me was the aroma-these nut clusters actually smelled good. Next, I took one out and saw that there was no skimping on nuts here, every piece (and that goes for the other flavors too) had lots of nuts in them. The size of the Nature Valley Nut Clusters was perfect: not too big, nor too small. Perfect for just popping one into your mouth and savoring the nutty flavor.

Soon, hubby and my daughter were peering over my shoulder, anxious to see what I was trying very hard to hide. (hey, they are GOOD and sharing wasn't in my vocabulary that night!) I gave in and let them try, and they were both very impressed with the flavor and amount of nuts in each bite. Low in saturated fat and with no trans fat, these nut clusters are a sweet treat that definitely can't be beat! I will say that each bag is about four and a half servings, with servings running 140-160 calories each. I could easily have scarfed down an entire bag of these because they are so darn good. Next time I buy them, I am going to be sure to take out enough for one serving-and make that my snack at morning or mid-afternoon. My favorite flavors were the Nut Lovers and the Roasted Cashew, hubby loved the same ones I did and Deja enjoyed the Almond and Peanut ones for herself.

Thanks to MyBlogSpark for sending me these goodies to try! I will definitely be putting them on my shopping list the next time I hit the supermarket. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!


Ashley said...

Thanks so much for entering all my giveaways! I hope you win something! I added your blog to my Google reader and I'll come back often!

Caitlin said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway and coming to my blog :) Maine sure is a wonderful place. We live near Farmington. Thanks again for stopping by!

Melissa Erickson said...

Yummy, I love granola too!