Thursday, July 30, 2009

Almost Swabbed for Swine Flu H1N1

I feel like crap. My right ear is throbbing and my sinuses feel like they are going to explode. My throat is sore and scratchy and my body feels like I threw myself in front of a bus.

And the exhaustion! I have been in bed at 8 pm for the past 3 nights, snoring loudly, I might add, because I just can't breathe well. The Advil Cold & Sinus had the two day trial period, and when it became painstakingly evident that there was no way to get rid of what I have without a Z-pack I made the call to my doctor today.

Today we had a work meeting and offsite outing-I felt like I was in a fog the whole time, I could barely speak with a scratchy, sore throat and my hearing and sense of balance was off. It was a potluck, and the food looked great-we have some awesome potlucks-I managed to eat a few things early off then just wasn't hungry anymore. But my coworker Nikki makes the most awesomest (only way I can describe it, even if it is not a valid word)taco dip, and I had been waiting in anticipation all week.

So I headed to the doctor a little after noontime. Tell them my symptoms and he starts checking me out. Usually when they check your throat with that wonderful wooden stick while saying "aaah!" I do just fine. But the poor guy almost got puked on twice. Lucky for him he kept his distance. Embarrassing yes-but not much I could do about it.

So then he tells me he wants to test me for Swine flu. Which involved sticking something up my nose high enough to make me think twice. Hell, I already get violated with one of them cotton thingys when they give me my annual exam and now they want to violate my nose too...! Thanks, but no thanks I told him. I mean, sure he could find out the results and all but then he says even if I tested positive there was nothing he could do because it was too late since whatever needed to be administered needed to be done within the first 72 hours or so. He does think I have something viral though, opposed to bacterial but because I am showing signs of getting a secondary effect of a sinus infection developing (good old postnasal drip) he gave me my Z-pack to shut me up. And excused me from work tomorrow too-as a precaution and just because he saw how shitty I was feeling and probably didn't want me to pass on the misery to co-workers. (really, no one wants to be this sick!)

So I am off to get some rest, drink lots of fluids and let my Z-pack kick in. Kind of bummed I didn't stick around for dessert though-and more taco dip! I will be on and offline a few times over the weekend, and will notify the JumpStart winner the beginning of the week when I am hopefully feeling better. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Leslie M. said...

Feel Better ya poor thing!!!
HOPE it is NOT swine flu!
I will say a prayer for you!