Sunday, July 26, 2009

Relaxing Sunday

Today I spent some time online while the laundry was doing its thing... a bad thunderstorm just passed by and my cats all decided to join me, as evidenced by Stubby here lying across my keyboard... Tippy is no where to be found, though I did see him for a bit yesterday before I left in the morning. He had been in the cellar, where I had hoped to keep him for a bit until I could take him to the vets-but as always, he must have found a way to escape yet again. I think, that the fleas are getting to him, causing his weight loss because he is doing alot of licking and scratching-and the areas are not infected, just scabbed and crusted over. If I can get him to a vet for treatment, rabies shot and also to make sure that his blood work is ok, and that he doesn't have feline leukemia or something like that, just maybe there will be hope for him yet. I think maybe he has anemia from the flea bites-and I need to go to the vet anyways to get the monthly dose of Frontline for all of them. Last time I managed to treat him was June 1st, so maybe that is all he needs.

Hubby found some fresh coconuts from the local Hannaford grocery store yesterday-a new store opened up yesterday and alot of the products are organic or green along with even the materials used to build the store itself. So he split one in two with his machete and here he is enjoying the coconut milk... (it was good, but would have been better chilled IMO) and then he cut the coconut in half and we each got to eat some of the meaty goodness inside. Yum, now THAT was good! My daughter wanted none of it however. She tried it, but didn't like it. So I am finishing up on some housework, and relaxing a bit before I go to bed. I have the SciFi channel on (new name SYFY, now what is up with that! lol) and am thinking about what to make for a quick supper. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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