Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Look at my new babies!!!!

ha! And you all thought they were kids, right? Nope, I have a new washer and dryer coming in a few days and I can't wait!

I have wanted one of these front loaders for the longest time. See, our washing machine and dryer are already up on a homemade pedestal (leveled wooden plank) and being a top loading washing machine the loading part is fine, it's the taking out that is the tough part. I have to reach in on my tippy toes to get everything that seems to stick on the bottom, and there are times when I can't reach every single sock and I have to leave them in the machine, to wash thru the next cycle, and the next... until they shift position or my son or hubby comes into the room to get them for me to put into the dryer.

Lemme tell ya, I had gotten pretty darn sick of doing that and have been screaming for one of these newfangled machines for awhile now. I like the front windows, and the fact that the new washer/dryer set I got will save water and energy too. My regular machine used 45 gallons of water, this one only uses 20. I will be happy once the quarterly water bill comes around and it has gone down-so many bills keep going up nowadays, if I can get one to come down I am certainly going to enjoy that. The downside is I won't be buying the cheaper detergents anymore, I want to start things off right and use the HE recommended detergent for the new machine. I already killed the new 2.4 washer I used only once, and don't want to repeat that with this machine by using the wrong laundry soap.

I will have to go to the 24 hr laundromat tonight or tomorrow with hubby to wash some towels and stuff that needs to be washed, but only until the new machines come. The cool thing is that these were on sale at HD AND I also got another 10% off (ends today) too! So this made these very price competitive with the top loaders I was checking out earlier. Since there wasn't much of a difference between the top loading family sized machines and this one, I chose this one of course! I actually didn't wanna wait, but it had to be ordered since the store had sold out of their stock due to this great sale.

So by next week, I will be washing away-and you can guarantee I will be able to reach that last sock left in the drum without standing on my tip toes or waiting for someone taller than me to come along and help me out!


Leslie M. said...

Use them in Good Health!! They are BEAUTIES!!!! My Washer and Dryer are 11 years old and working in FABU condition Praise God!!!! I CANNOT afford to replace them!!!

These are gorgeous!!!!
I am so happy for ya kiddo!
Don't overload em! hahahah

Love ya!

Jen from Windy Ridge said...

Oh you are going to LOVE these!:)

Shop with Me Mama said...

Oh I wish!! Those are nice!! Have fun Mama!