Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I've Got Writer's Cramp

Sigh... Yes I know, I haven't been around in awhile. It's not that I didn't want to stop writing, but it's just that while I have tons to say I wonder if people will understand me. No, I don't write in a foreign language (well, not on THIS blog anyways, but I can write in Spanish for those wondering) and I don't write gibberish. It is just that it is hard for me to write things that are "easy".

Case in point: Where I work I often have to write letters to clients. My co-workers write them letters that are direct and to the point. Me? I like to write a detailed letter that can often take up two pages. (heck, at least with my letter, they know what they have to provide, even though it can be as confusing as Hell to read in the beginning). I admit, I'm just anal like that. And sometimes I get calls from the clients who ask me to explain to them what I meant. See, not everyone I deal with is a college professor and people have different ways of processing things. I get frustrated a bit, because everyone should know what they need. I mean, I explained it point blank, in a typed letter step by step. But if everyone followed directions in the first place, the world would be a much happier place. Or would it?

So... I started wondering about my blog. I've seen lots of blogs out there, from the very good to the very bad. I began to realize everyone has their unique own style of writing, and they attract different readers for different reasons. I began wondering what focus my blog should take. Should it continue with the family life posts, opinions and even some reviews on some products that I have won in various blog giveaways or purchased on my own that I thought my readers should know about...? I mean, I do love entering blog giveaways, and have found so many neat products through them (even ones I have not won) that I've made my own little wish list and try to get a couple of them every now and then if I have some extra money to spare.'s not an every day event, but in case I hit the lottery I know where my wish list is ;)

I am going to try to set a goal for myself. To write in the blog at least once a week. And see where it goes from there. Maybe I will even write about a few local businesses here as well. I do love writing, unfortunately my hands and arms can only do so much-all of that of course got worse when I was diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome this summer due to some trauma I had suffered on my right arm, shoulder and side this past March. I have good days, and bad days. We all know how that is.

So there, you have it. My lofty goal to write in this blog at least once a week. I've got tons of posts I started but never finished, so some of it will be easy at first. But I feel it's best for me to continue to write in this blog, it's a stress reliever and great to know people are actually reading stuff you write. For now, it's off to a day at the office-it's a cold day here in Maine, and our office provides a great service to those in need. (fuel assistance/LIHEAP) Enjoy your day folks :)

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