Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Had A Dream...

No, I am NOT going to be talking about THAT speech. What I AM going to tell you is about the dream I had last night. See, first let me explain that I am a zombie fanatic. As in, if it has starred the Living Dead in any way, shape, or form, I have probably seen it. I've even asked my family to cremate me...puhleez! So I won't come back hoping to take a bite out of some fresh brains should a meteor fall from the sky or someone open up Pandora's Box of nasty chemicals that cause acid rain to fall from the sky.

This dream, I have to admit was bizarre. A total cross between something gone horribly wrong with The Walking Dead and Miley Cyrus, huge stuffed animals, a foam finger, and of course, twerking. I'm a child of the 80's folks-so it was a little nutty, kind of like Michael Jackson's Thriller video. Only these zombies twerked. And when they did, limbs fell off. It was kind of funny, in a horrific way. Miley of course was in the dream too, getting too darn close to the Living Dead for her own good... sticking her tongue out at them didn't make matters any better. And Miley, never, ever point a foam finger at one of the Living Dead, it's just plain disrespectful. Plus they think it's food.

At any minute I was half expecting Sheriff Rick Grimes to come to her rescue, as she darted in and out of rows of huge overstuffed animals, keeping the zombies at bay. Poor Miley, she's definitely a goner if she keeps this up, I thought to myself. But she continued on, smiling, grinding and twerking while trying to outrun those zombies. A light bulb soon went off in my head uh, dream. This would make a great video game... I thought to myself as I watched Miley get too darn close to a zombie in a black and white striped suit.

Then, the alarm woke me up. Ah, the power of social media. I remembered vaguely the fact that I'd been awake until well after 2 am and had been reading about my favorite TV show, The Living Dead, and had been seeing the performance fiasco AKA Miley at the VMA Awards right before I went to sleep for the night. These two things I'd seen right before going to bed influenced my dream. Interesting. As I get ready to go to bed again tonight, once again I am reveling in the power of social media and the influence it has over me. Only this time, the subjects of interest have changed a little bit. I've been staring intently at the Mega Millions and Powerball websites for the last half hour. Let's see what tonight's dream will bring. But rest assured, if a bunch of numbers randomly pop into my head saying "Play Me for the next drawing!" I won't be sharing that info ;) lol.

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