Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review-McDonald's Premium McWrap

A nice, sunny day in Maine calls for no cooking... I'd gone to physical therapy earlier this morning and was sore from working out a bit and hubby had been working on his car outside for a good part of the afternoon when he came inside a little while ago to announce he was hungry. We had to go out to run an errand so I suggested we head up to our local McDonald's and get one of their new Premium McWraps. I really didn't have to tell him twice-he got into the car and impatiently awaited me. After a quick stop, we headed to McDonald's. This past Monday, he had tried the chicken bacon McWrap, and he was eager to try the chicken ranch one this time. Our local Maine McDonald's restaurants were having an awesome promotion which ended this past Monday where you got a free medium fries and medium soft drink if you purchased a McWrap, which was actually a great incentive to have us get out and try it initially. This time around, I purchased the Value Meal for him. Hubby prefers the grilled chicken, so that is what he went with. As you can see by the photos, the McWraps are good sized! I had him put his on a standard sized paper plate to show you how big it is. Also, he opened it up to show you what it looks like on the inside. There was no scrimping on the chicken, with nice big sized chunks of premium chicken and yummy veggies in it. It is filling, and according to him-it was delicious. (I was craving a Big Mac, so didn't get one this time around!) I am pleased that fast food restaurants are getting more creative with their menu offerings, and publishing calorie counts and other information regarding their food items on their website and in restaurants. Granted, I know when I go out to eat, irregardless of where-I am not going to be watching calories and other stuff. But knowing this firsthand, especially if dieting or on some sort of dietary restriction is helpful with those planning their meal choices accordingly. I myself have tried the McWrap earlier this week and was very impressed with it... the one we have NOT yet tried is the Sweet Chili Chicken flavor. While that is on my to-do next list, hubby says he will pass. He does not like anything sweet (sweet BBQ sauce, sweet n sour sauce, etc...) so I can't get him to try it. However, he said that he is thinking about asking McDonald's for a chicken/ranch McWrap and telling them to add bacon to see how that tastes. Providing you can add bacon to it and make it a grilled chicken, bacon, ranch flavor I think he will be happy, and personally I think that would be a great combination as well. If you like wraps, give the new McDonald's McWrap a try. I'd be anxious to know what you think about it! Disclaimer: I purchased this item as a consumer, and did not receive any compensation or free product for my opinion on the McWrap. Please note that this opinion is mine (and my husbands!) and your own opinion may differ from mine.

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