Sunday, April 21, 2013

Knot Genie Review

My 11 year old wanted to have long hair... unfortunately, with longer hair comes more care- I agreed to let her grow her hair out now that she was getting older, but ever since she was little she's had hair that would tangle up seemingly overnight. The next morning, the tears and fighting began as I would try my hardest to get those knots out. As a Mom, it hurt me as much as it hurt her trying to get those knots out and seeing those big tears. Even at 11, she runs from me if I come close with a hairbrush. Considering her hair is super straight and smooth, I wanted it to look that way in the back as well as the front. In the past few months, she'd managed to get her hair knotted up-whether it be from sleeping, not brushing too good, or as her Aunt Ana would say when she was younger- "Los Duendes" (also known as little mischief making fairies) would play with her hair and knot it up overnight. She managed to get most of it smooth on top but underneath it was a mess. Every day she would go to school with the top layer fine, and underneath it looked like a rat's nest. I finally told her that she could NOT go to school looking like that any longer, and that we had to deal with it. Hesitantly she brought me the brush, and even though I brushed as gently as I could, it was knotted so bad that I knew that there was no getting around a haircut. While she watched TV nightly I tried to get the hair free, but it just didn't work with the brushes I tried. My mom used to wear her hair teased many years ago, and I can remember her knotting up her hair with a big rat-tail comb. Maybe then, the messy look was in-but now, it definitely is NOT. Even my 'Big' hair of the 80's didn't have the knots that Deja had. Deja's hair looked teased underneath and it was a mess. One night, as I brushed, I kept a secret from her. What she didn't know was that I had a pair of scissors on hand to cut the worst area out if need be. I figured it was underneath the smooth layer so no one would notice anyways. As she concentrated on the TV show in front of her, I quickly grabbed the area in question and snipped it off. I wasn't quick enough... if you thought that the tears from the knots were bad, this was even worse! Yes, the worst area in question was gone. And no, no one could see any bald spots. But SHE knew it was there. And she was pissed. And lemme tell you, an 11 year old tween being pissed is not a good thing. I felt terribly guilty for what I had done, but it was either that or a more radical haircut. But there HAD to be a better way. After looking around the Internet, I discovered the solution to my problems. Her hair of course still knotted up, even after my cutting out the worst area-and I was getting desperate. I'd seen the Knot Genie ( online and on a few blogs I visit as well in the past year and it definitely got me curious. I had a small credit on my account and decided I would order one to see if it really worked. I didn't say anything to my daughter until it arrived. I called her over to the computer and asked her to watch the video they have online and asked her if she wanted to try it out. She said she would, but didn't realize that I had one already. Her eyes lit up as I pulled her hot pink Knot Genie out of the box and gave it to her. I will say that usually the Knot Genie is probably used by Moms who comb their daughter's hair, hence the unique design. At 11, she did NOT want me to brush her hair. That being said, she did complain a little bit when she tried to brush her hair herself due to the awkwardness of holding it and brushing. After some experimenting, she holds it in her hand and flips her head/hair downward,and brushes the underside first-it seems to work best for her that way and it works very well. I am enjoying having the Knot Genie since it means no more fights with my daughter over getting her to brush her hair. One thing I noticed is that with regular brushes she would often break her hair and or the bristles of the brush fighting to get the knots out. With the Knot Genie all those bristles are still intact and there are no clumps of hair or broken hair in the brush at all. It has worked well the last 2-3 months that we have been using it and while she still gets knots in her hair, they come out easily and without tears using the Knot Genie. Thanks Knot Genie for helping my daughter make brushing her hair a pleasant, not painful-task! Disclaimer: I purchased this product on my own, as a frustrated Mom and consumer who wanted to see if this would help my daughter out. I did not receive any monies or product from the company. This opinion is my own, your opinion may vary.

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