Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome to Spring!

I hate Spring. Well, not really Spring of course-but the things that go along with it. Those things float in the air, fall off the trees and generally get into my nose and eyes more than I would like.

The consequences of the pollen count being so high is that I end up a weeping, sneezing, red eyed miserable person for about a month or so. I love to see the flowers blooming, feel the sunshine on my face, and watch the leaves appear on the trees like everyone else. The warmer weather is a very welcome sight after a long, cold Winter. But having allergies to go along with the Spring weather is definitely a downer.
So I admire Spring from inside. With the windows shut. So much for Spring Cleaning and getting the dust (of which I am also allergic to as well) out of the house and cleaning the air. Spring does not like me. The sun does not like me. Being from Maine I have something in common with the Maine Lobster--we both end up redder than hell from the heat. A couple of weeks ago I went to a BBQ outside. I really didn't want to go, but hubby pitched a fit and I ended up going. The food was great, the company was okay, and the sun was shining. I tossed off my jacket and baked in the warm sunshine. Little did I know the price I would have to pay.

All was well until I came home and saw my face, scalp (damn thinning hair from getting older!) and lower arms were red and throbbing. I literally could not comb my hair for about a week since my scalp was so red. Now I know why bald men wear hats or put sunscreen on their heads, lol. And if that wasn't bad enough, I started peeling within the last week. The arms weren't too bad, but the scalp was terrible, and left me with huge pieces of skin that look like mutant dandruff flakes gone horribly wrong whenever I brush or comb my hair. Trust me,it is NOT a pretty sight.

My days consist of checking the Weather Channel and the pollen count before I venture outside. I silently curse those that are out weeding their gardens and getting their yards ready for Summer. Mine will be ready... in August! I sit inside and play Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook and wait for the sun to go down. Then I can venture outside for a bit, and relax in the early evening on the front porch. My daughter is convinced I am part vampire because I avoid the sun so much. She is lucky, her skin tone is darker than mine thanks to daddy's genes and although she has sunscreen she develops the most gorgeous tan I have ever seen in the summer months. She reminds me of the girls I loved to hate at the beach that would have that perfect suntan at the end of the day while I would come home and end up in the ER a few hours later with blisters popping out all over my body.

So dear readers, welcome to Spring! Enjoy the sunshine, the warmth, and the blooming flowers and trees. I will join you once I can see out of both eyes, have used up my stockpile of Kleenex, and have applied SPF 45 generously over all exposed body parts. Have a great week everyone!


Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

I feel the same way about winter as you do about spring. I don't really have any legitimate excuse except that I hate the cold, but I really have to force myself out of bed some days in the winter. I love spring, though. So sad you can't enjoy it. And like you, I have very easily-burnt skin. And freckly. Sometimes I think it would be nice if bonnets would come back in style.

Unknown said...

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