Monday, December 7, 2009

Hmm, Where's that Passport...

Hubby wanted to go home to visit his mom and siblings this year in Guatemala. Because of my work schedule, I couldn't take the time off, but I told him he could go. I purchased his ticket months ago for December 23rd, so he would arrive in time to surprise his mother. He hasn't been home for a good old fashioned Guatemalan Christmas since he left there about 15 years ago...he usually goes down for Easter which is also a pretty big holiday too. Plus I wanted him to take photos of the posadas and other decorations they have along with eat some yummy tamales for me too...

He went to the Guatemalan consulate to renew his passport (he has to get a Guatemalan passport since he is only a permanent resident here) and they took his money WAY back at the end of September, and still nothing. I had read online that there was some sort of a problem with the passport company that handles processing for Guatemalans here in the US, and that due to delay they would not get passports before Christmas, but he didn't believe me. Well, I think he is now starting to. To make it worse, he can't find his receipt or even REMEMBER if they gave him one.

So now I am faced with having to call Continental and cancel his non-refundable ticket and find out what other options are out there for us. I can say that if we can reschedule it for the late Spring early Summer we can all go, and they will get our business and a couple of more tickets purchased as well-if they are willing to work with me on this issue.

In the meantime, hubby is bummed because he won't be eating mama's tamales this holiday. And asking a gringa like me to make tamales is like asking a French chef to make French fries, lol. It just ain't gonna happen. Heck, I can't even make him a decent tortilla. But I can buy him a Big Mac... (knowing our luck I will cancel the flight and the next day the passport will show up!)

To make matters worse, he rolled his truck this past weekend during our first real snowstorm. He was tired and combined with the wet, icy and snowy road conditions and perhaps a bit of liquid happiness as well, he managed to total it. Serves him right, I told him he should have just slept on the couch at his friends house that evening but he insisted he wanted to come home to go to bed. He'd worked the night before and left early Sat. morning to help his friend move all day, afterwards the guys got together and had some food and a few beers... the snow that had been falling began to fall even harder, and according to the news there were more than 1500 accidents that night. That is a whole heck of a lot of cars going off the road... lucky for him, he was going slowly and didn't get hurt. But maybe next time he will think about doing something stupid. No beers, no driving when tired and staying put in a snowstorm if the road conditions are hazardous.

Tonight he has gone to work in my car...and I have threatened him with an early grave if he so much as puts a dent in it. Wouldn't you know we have had some snow, just enough to grease up the roads and give it a bit of black ice too...

No passport, and now no vehicle... guess he should have listened to the wife!

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