Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Heard from hubby!

After a hectic day of work I managed to sit my butt down for a few seconds and go through coupons before heading out the door to go grocery shopping. As I was checking out deals in the flyer and matching up coupons my house phone rang. Deja, who had been playing her DS answered and her face just beamed with happiness. "Mama, it's papa calling!" and she was so darn excited to hand me the phone she forgot to say hi.

Hubby managed to FINALLY get a hold of me he said, and I couldn't imagine what was up with that, since I do have a cell phone but he called me on the house phone. (apparently calling a landline is cheaper) Then he actually scolded me because he's been trying to call me for a few days and I never answer my phone at work. Lol, these past few days I have been on the phone with so many clients and the LAST place I expected him to call me was at work. But he did, and now I know what all those hangups were these past few days, but you'd think he'd at least leave a message!

You know, I think he called me at work because I told him that I was taking a vacation while HE was on vacation, and that I'd be someplace warm, sitting near a pool having cute little cabana boys bringing me frozen drinks. By calling me at work, he is checking up to make sure that I haven't abandoned my post as domestic goddess and run for the hills in search of a Sex on the Beach. Sigh...but that sounds SO good right now-

Anyways, all is well right now and apparently he misses us. He's been keeping busy building houses with his brother and visiting other relatives while he enjoys nice 75 degree temperatures. I told him I was NOT happy with the 20 below we had last night and that the 3 day rain/snow/ice storm that is coming Fri, Sat and Sun did not have me jumping for joy. But I am glad to know that he is well and keeping busy. Plus I got a nice $10 off my birthday dinner coupon today from Margarita's Mexican Restaurant... (nachos here I come!) so I am taking it as a sign that frozen drinks are in my future, even if the snow is flying outside. ;)

Now I need to spend some time putting groceries away, I can faintly hear the sound of the little leprechaun from Lucky Charms calling me... shhh, don't tell the kids but I bought the Lucky Charms for ME! (and I hid it too!) Have a great night everyone and a SUPER NEW YEAR!

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