Monday, August 25, 2008

Stubby Stripes and Fear of Flying-

Stubby is getting really big, well-not really-to me he's still tiny. He just looks huge in this pic because I was holding the camera close to him and I snapped a pic of him as he was perched on me a couple nights ago.
He is eating and finally going to the bathroom-I was a worried mama for a while because I thought he wasn't going to thrive over here with kitten food and kitten milk, but he did.
He gets along great with Shadow, my older male kitty. Shadow is disabled-and has problems with his motor skills. But don't tell him that because he doesn't know it. He has cerebellar hypoplasia-which means he wobbles, falls, his head shakes when he is focusing on something, but he is healthy, fat and VERY happy here. When he was a little guy the vet suggested we put him down, but he wasn't suffering and wasn't in any pain-he just looked kind of crazy walking around weaving from side to side. Friends who have come over are a little shocked to see him, but once they realize he is fine, have a good laugh because he looks like a drunken kitty, weaving, falling over, unable to walk a straight line. Brujita my female cat is jealous-and I don't completely trust her just yet-and Stubby is too little to fend for himself. Tippy my other male kitty who is mostly our outdoor kitty guarding the yard (and fighting other kitties who happen into his territory) hasn't done much except come in the pet door and walk to the door of my bedroom and meow-LOUDLY-at around 2 am telling me that there was a new intruder in the house.
I am heading to San Antonio on the 27th-my dad is the designated babysitter of baby kitty. Mom is caring for the BIG 3 as I call them. It will be very interesting to say the least. I am terrified of flying (too many times watching Final Destination) and know that the minute I hit some turbulence I will probably puke or worse. I was seriously thinking liquid courage, in the form of the nearest airport bar-but not sure if even that will calm my nerves. I need to be brave, Deja is going on her first plane ride-but I have a feeling I will be smiling between clenched teeth and gripping the sides of the seat so tight my knuckles will be devoid of color by the time we touch down. And the horror! It is not a direct flight, I have to do this AGAIN in Detroit! Definitely not my cup of tea, but I will try to be brave... for my daughter's sake.
I am not sure if I will have internet access (no laptop here!) and am hoping the hotel will let me use their business center (which is probably one computer for the whole stinkin' place-I mean, this is Econo Lodge folks, not the Hilton) Now if I wasn't so cheapo and wanted to pay the $125 a nite for the Riverwalk view and the $21 a day parking fee for the garage, things would be cool and I could probably hook up with another sweeper with a laptop and check my email from there. But with the free parking, and $60 a nite rates I am getting by staying out of the touristy area (and probably in the middle of the 'hood, for all I know!) I am saving big bucks. I am adventurous as far as food goes, as long as I am not told what it is. Hubby made the big mistake of telling me that delicious meat we had last weekend with our Brazilian friends Joao and Regina's house was deer. As in Bambi. As in I have never eaten deer in my life and now I have and even though it wasn't bad the way they cooked it I still wish he hadn't told me.
So that is what's been going on lately-in addition to other "stuff" posted previously. Packing, unpacking, deciding what to take and working. Tomorrow shopping for those last minute items after work, some blogging and then a nice, long rest. I need to head to the post office too-need to mail out my blog giveaway item that I promised the poor woman I'd mail out last Thursday when I got paid-before the shit hit the fan. (prior post) So if you are reading this, I promise it's coming! Honest!
I will be away from the 27th until the 1st, coming home at midnight and then the 1 1/2 hours to drive home from the airport to my neck of the woods here in Central Maine. I will probably be exhausted, and head into work late but hopefully will have a nice gift (as in chocolate or something) to butter up those supervisors. So, leave me a comment if you'd like-about your own flying experiences or how you conquered fear of flying or something like that-and I will read them when I get home...


exotic1 said...

Awwww he is cute~! you need to take a pic of his stubby tail to post lol

Jenelle said...

No advice about flying here--the one and only time I've flew, I ended up in tears!

Margie G. said...

So adorable! My son loves cats but my husband is allergic.
TX for the great comment you left about my key fobs :-)

gmcountrymama said...

Stubby is cute and Shadow sounds like a fun kitty to have around. I hope you enjoy your trip. A little alcohol might help, or maybe a xanax.

Shabbyfufu said...

I have spent much time flying. Usually I stick in the earplugs, put on an eye mask and just catch up on missed sleep! Have a nice trip....Janet

Anonymous said...

Oh wow -- my sister's cat has the same thing! (cerebellar hypoplasia) -- she's named Tipsy and she's about the happiest cat in the world. A real sweetie and I'm afraid we do laugh at her but she doesn't care.

And Stubby's adorable!


Jeanne Sager said...

I wish my kitties were still, well, kitties! They're just like kids - they grow up and don't want to cuddle anymore!