Thursday, August 7, 2008

C'mon, Kaboost Me!

Last month I went to and while reading one of my favorite blogs, noticed they were having a giveaway for a Kaboost.

Not sure what a Kaboost was, I was a bit intrigued. I read her review, and had to head over to the website to see what it was all about. I was thrilled to see that it was a neat little contraption that goes UNDER the seat, not on top, lifting your little ones up to table height so they can enjoy the rest of the meal with the family. Nothing against booster seats and all, but when Deja was smaller she squirmed alot-and wasn't really comfortable. Looking back, how can sitting on a hard piece of plastic be comfortable, anyways? With Kaboost in place, the kiddos sit in the same chair as everyone else, so if your own chair is comfy and padded, rest assured that theirs is too. This neat invention fits the legs of your own chair into the Kaboost, giving instant added height and the best part about it is that the chair is just fine...just given a "temporary lift", so to speak. (kind of like what Tom Cruise puts in his shoes when he wants to look as tall as Katie Holmes, lol)

When Diane emailed me and told me the original winner hadn't claimed the win-I was really thrilled! Kaboost has so many uses: I mean, how many times have you walked into a restaurant and all the booster seats or high chairs are being used? Or you walk in and the high chair is nasty, not wiped down, and just plain YUCK? Yeah, I thought so-it's happened to me too. If you get a Kaboost and love it at home, just think about how cool it would be to have a spare with travel bag for the car. Sometimes on the spur of the moment you decide the whole family is headed to the family friendly restaurant in town. When you get there, it seems everyone else had the same idea as there is no place to sit your little one and that booth over in the corner where you can prop Junior up against the wall in hopes that he won't slide down onto the less than clean floor (or find the gum stuck under the table) just isn't going to work. With Kaboost you are already prepared, and in no time have Junior seated in one of the regular chairs looking at you eye to eye.

Deja doesn't have much time left to use the Kaboost as she is going to be seven in a few months, but I already have the perfect scenario. There's a pizza place in town called That Pizza Place. We've been there a few times and Deja is always drawn to the highest table (think bar seats/stools) and the highest seats. The first time we went Daddy put her in the chair, which sits up pretty high itself. But she couldn't reach the food very well, and complained loudly enough for us to move to another table. This time around, we're going into it prepared, Kaboost is coming with us-and I can bet Deja will have the best seat in the house!
(and Kaboost will definitely remain in our household, we have several friends with little ones, and this will make entertaining a snap!)


Veggie Mom said...

My neighbor's kids would like this--thanks for the info!

Angela Harris said...

I just saw these being sold at Target. What a cool idea. It figures all 3 of my kids just missed this product :)

Bargain said...

Cute idea!!!

Sarah said...

I absolutely LOVE our Kaboost, and will be purchasing more for my other kids!
I think every parent of tots on up, should own a Kaboost!
I am glad you have one!