Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blogging from TX...

Hey howdy y'all! Ok, now that I sound like a Texan, just wanted to let everyone know I am here in TX. Hopefully flying out tomorrow at 4pm... scared of the plane ride yet again, but willing to deal with it!

Got lucky at the convention and won $500, so some serious shopping is on the agenda folks.
Now I have to get a laptop, which will be much better.

Thoughts and prayers to those in hurricane affected areas. My hotel currently has 120 FEMA staff staying here and there has been talk of Galveston/Houston residents coming inland to stay at hotels here in San Antonio. My brother Andy is under mandatory evacuation orders as of this morning where he lives in Biloxi.

Hoping my outbound flight home will not be affected, and that this whole hurricane thing goes someplace else or hits where there aren't alot of people. Or weakens by the time it makes landfall.

Anyways, if you have sent me an email or posted to my blog-I probably won't be seeing much of it until the 2nd, but will be getting back to you. Thanks so much for visiting and I can't wait to get home!


Veggie Mom said...

Hope you enjoyed things in my home state! I'm actually from Dallas, but San Antonio is my favorite city!!

gmcountrymama said...

Enjoy your shopping. You will love a laptop.I finally was able to get one a couple of weeks ago.Hope you are home safe by now.