Thursday, August 21, 2008

Busy as a Bee!

Getting ready for my trip to San Antonio next Wednesday! I don't quite have enough vacation time for the time I need off, so will be working at the office this weekend to make up for time taken during the week. Lucky I can do that, but we are so far behind with files and I only live down the street from the office, so am able to head over and get some stuff done! We got paid today, and I haven't even been to the bank to get my money! Now that means I gotta be busy, lol. Tomorrow is our summer training session/department cookout-and while I enjoy the relaxation, I stress over the fact that my desk is full of files that need to be done. Pretty bad, huh?

PLUS, my son brought over a kitten. He is adorable, but quite tiny. I am worried about him, he was covered with fleas-and I was able to give him a bath in citrus dish detergent tonight. It works, those fleas dropped like flies and the other ones that were alive were moving very, very slowly. He is still learning to eat, and nibbles on the hard food and I went to the vet today and got some kitten wet kitten food and some cat milk at the grocery store-maybe because he is so little he isn't eating much, I am so used to my big, huge piggies and this one has me worried that he is not eating enough. As far as I can tell, hasn't been to the bathroom yet either. I keep him in a carrier at night, just to make sure the big kitties don't hurt him and they can get used to each other slowly but surely. He has no tail, just a stub. So we call him Stubby. In this pic you can actually see his little "Stub" as I get him in the sink for his bath. He was NOT happy, and I am scratched beyond belief. For such a little guy, man he has some claws. I've got 2 more big kitties to treat with flea meds, and then things should be better. We used to have a manx when I was growing up, white with black and absolutely no tail-not even a stub. He lived for 15 years and grew up with me, so when I saw the chance to get another kitty without a tail, I definitely took it. My dad will "babysit" while I am in TX next week, to make sure he will be ok. Well, heading off to visit some other blogs. Just wanted to let ya all know I am still alive. Tired, anemic, but very alive. I called the Dr. office yesterday to cancel my 2nd Depo shot. If this one has me bleeding non stop, I definitely don't want to extend it by taking another shot. So, happy Wednesday everyone! Glad you stopped by!


The Glamorous WAHM said...

Ahhhhhh...San Antonio. I love it there! My favorite place to vacation. Have fun!

Veggie Mom said...

I'm a Cat Lady, too! This little guy is adorable. And, I LOVE San Antonio--know you'll have a wonderful time!

marcy4dogs said...

Sure hope Stubby is growing stronger. Srr you in SA!