Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Kmart Shopping Trip Today

Headed to Kmart today for some shopping with hubby and Deja. I'd won a $88 Visa card in a sweepstakes a few months ago, and it was burning a hole in my purse.

I was able to get the following: 10 boxes of Capri Sun/Koolaid Jammers juice pouches. (on sale 5/10 this week) I also had coupons if you buy any 3 full sized products of Capri Sun/Koolaid you can get a free Crystal Light drink mix, up to $4.50, so I ended up with 3 freebies on that deal. Deja also whined for a $1.99 juice drink for the reusable cup, so I let her have it if she wouldn't ask for anything else-and she did great.

Next to the Downy, on sale for $5.50 (2/11) kind of pricey for me, but it was supposed to trigger a Route 66 $5.00 coupon. Nope, no Route 66 coupon, but got a $5 off $25 coupon to use, so that was ok. (clearance stuff was calling my name and I will be back on payday!)

The next was luggage for our trip to San Antonio at the end of the month. I saw where they had some on sale, but also that CLEARANCE luggage was an additional 10% off. Jose found a $40 clearance American Tourister 4 pc set in Burnt Orange (ok, the color was kinda ugly-but I could care less-it actually looked more RED than orange) and I found a $25 clearance pretty blue (no famous brand name) set for me. With $2.50 and $4.00 more in savings, not doing too bad.

After everything was added up and the freebie $88.00 card was taken off, I only paid $13.71. Wow. Now that was a great deal, and I was pretty happy with it. I've been sick with some stupid virus (headache, bathroom, you name it) since Friday, so it was good to get out and about and not have to worry about being sick. But I made sure I knew where the bathrooms were, just in case! In a couple days I am going grocery shopping with the $100 Visa I won from the My coke rewards site and am getting together my coupons and stuff. I was lucky to win a coupon organizer from and it is just awesome! I am so busy this time of the year and have been meaning to get all my coupons together, and am so lucky I won this because this system is perfect for me ! I can find my coupons I need quickly, efficiently, and make the most of the deals to stretch my dollar the furthest. I also put my weekly flyers in the binder, and added pockets for coupons expiring this month, No expiration date coupons, and loose coupons expiring later than this month. I frequently order from coupon services, and plan on adding a pocket for those coupons (since I paid for them I want to use them ALL) and refund forms/cash register receipts and proofs of purchases. If you are pressed for time, and want to start saving money, her system works great. You can do as she suggests or add more according to your own needs, like I did. I also subscribe to the Grocery Game for CVS/Shaws's Supermarkets, so those weekly lists will be printed out and put with the weekly flyers. There are so many things you can do with her system, and customize it basically to suit you. Go check out her site, and her coupon system. She also has links to other frugal websites which help you to find the best deals. Well, I am off to do the laundry, my basket is full so I'd better get started now!

PS: She is giving away another coupon organizer system! You have until Aug. 27th to enter. Go here and enter for one now! Mine looks exactly like the one above, only the color binder is different, wonder how she knew we liked pink?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you got some great deals! I would be happy too if I was able to get all that for only $13 out of pocket. Great work!

Thanks for stopping by my giveaway! Come visit anytime!

Melissa B. said...

Gotta love that K Mart! Beautiful post! Hi, my name is Melissa B., and I'm introducing myself to you courtesy of my Bloggy Friend, Veggie Mom. I'm caving in to the commercial pressure and hosting a giveaway/contest starting tomorrow. I just returned from Asbury Park NJ, home to Jersey roots rock, aka Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Van Zandt, etc. I've got a couple of cool prizes to give away to celebrate the Dog Days of Summer, so tune please tune in!

Momma said...

Thank you for the glowing review! I'm really glad you are enjoying my Coupon Management System. I hope it makes your life easier, the way it has mine.

Veggie Mom said...

KMart is my kinda place. Oh, guess what? I got the bag from Yoshiko over the weekend--I'd say it's a keeper! Thanks again for putting us in touch. BTW, Uncle Lynn has given me the go-ahead to do another Great Pop'rs Giveaway--it kicks off tomorrow, so please tune in!