Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are things really bigger in Texas????

Ok, so tomorrow at this time I will be flying to TX. Since I have always heard about Texas sized hospitality and just how much BIGGER things are in Texas-I wanna hear from you.

I will be in San Antonio, home of the Alamo, the Missions and the Riverwalk. The tourist brochures made it sound beautiful, and I am looking foward to going-just don't like the idea of getting on a plane to get there.

Now I hear Texans know how to party, and they always have something going on-whether it be a rompin', stompin' roadhouse time or fiesta time. Even the flea markets are festive, with the bigger ones having music and lotsa great stuff. And the food vendors...ah, I am gaining 10 pounds just thinking about that wonderful food. From BBQ to puffy tacos to traditional Mexican food, I just can't stand it. And yes, I will save room for a funnel cake.

I will be back very late on the 1st-with this airline delay thingy going on and Hurricane Gustav in the Gulf it could get interesting with delays. But I already told hubby-I will NOT spend the night in the airport. I would much rather take a Greyhound back to Maine than get up in the air and I already told my coworkers it just might be that they won't see me for a few more days if I go that route. I just don't see how hubby can go to Guatemala every single year and not mind the flying. That has been the main reason we haven't gone yet to meet the inlaws-so this trip is a test run to see if I can handle being up at 30,000 feet without having to breathe into a paper bag or something.

So, what'cha think? Are things really bigger in Texas?????


Ashley said...

I went to San Antonio once for a convention and had only a little while to tour but the Riverwalk was pretty awesome. Even if you don't eat at one of the great restaurants or take a ride on the river you have to just go walk around and experience the atmosphere! You'll do fine flying! But hopefully no delays for you! Lucas and I will be sleeping in airports on our trip to Colombia b/c we have a red-eye as part of our connections on the way there and back. Can't wait for that! Thanks for stopping by my blog! And no - I don't really speak much Spanish. I know some (I took 10 hours of it in college) but am working to become fluent. Very slowly.

gmcountrymama said...

I haven't been to Texas since I was 12. At that time, everything seemed bigger. It sounds like you will have fun, once you get there. Try to enjoy the plane ride, I hope you don't get too nervous.