Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Utterly Exhausted...

As I am sitting here in front of the computer I know that I am nodding off-and I always seem to catch myself, jerking my head upright suddenly right before I plunk myself face first onto my keyboard. Amazingly, I haven't gotten whiplash yet.

These last several days have been hard, going from a mostly nocturnal sleep until noon schedule to a sleep at midnight or 1 am and wake up at 5:30 am deal. I keep fighting the sandman, but God help me, he is winning. My husband called me from Guatemala tonight. I didn't answer my cell (it was on vibrate so I didn't know it was ringing, plus remember what I said earlier about not wanting to see another phone for as long as I live?) so he called the house-- repeatedly.

I finally picked up, convinced it wasn't a telemarketer and figuring it was someone who really wanted to talk to me. Yup, it was. He asked how I was doing. I think he detected that I was tired by the sound of my voice, because he asked me if I'd been sleeping. Umm, maybe. Then he started talking about his garden, and asking a zillion questions about how everything was growing. He knows me, knows I could kill a cactus if need be. But this year I have had my flowers flourish and the veggie garden is going great. However not wanting to take any chances, I headed outside after we got off the phone, still in a zombielike trance, and hosed down those veggies.

I am doing a wash, clothes piled up the last few days and the floor of my laundry room was a mess... my stove, well, it stopped working, I dunno why. I have my ideas though, and they go back to last week when I was doing a wash, drying some clothes, and turned on the microwave, all at the same time. Our circuit overloaded, and I had to head down to the basement and the land of -shudder- spiders and turn it back on. Only this time, unlike the many times before when this happened, the stove failed to turn on. Everything else is working just fine though, so not sure what is up. So it is the toaster oven and the microwave for me for a couple more weeks.

Well, Deja has drifted off into dreamland and I am waiting for the wash cycle to finish out so I can put some stuff in the dryer. Mr. Sandman is lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce as well. Good night one, good night all-and to everyone, A Good Night!!!


Dana said...

I too am waiting for the wash cycle to finish... LOL

Veggie Mom said...

Hope you catch up on your sleep soon, and that your hubs has a safe trip home! BTW, I ordered a grocery bag tote from your friend Y--I'm really stoked!