Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Random Ramblings

Ahhh, finally some peace and quiet! I sent hubby back to mama today- for about a month. He will be happy with her cooking: tortillas, tamales, beans, cheese, cream, chiles rellenos, soups-actually he will be in HEAVEN with her cooking. He will come back having gained 10 lbs and have to resort himself to tv dinners and Burger King again. He knows the routine, and what type of food I am capable of cooking. He prefers Burger King to my cooking any day-so I let him have it his way.

Since mama lives so far away in Guatemala, he tries to visit her once a year for a couple of weeks. This is the longest he's been gone-and we will miss him-but his dad has been ill lately, so he is going just in case something happens later down the road. His 17 year old daughter from his first marriage is also pregnant, due in late August-with his first grandchild. He doesn't want to be reminded, he thinks he's too young to be a grandaddy at 37. Unfortunately, he won't be there when the baby is born, but hopefully will get to see photos.

I've been dilligently working on Dejanera's hair. We tried alcohol today-it worked ok, got a few more nits out. I did find 2 very small live ones and got them out, and I have been cutting, tweezing, pulling and pinching. It has not been a fun procedure. I coated her with lots of nice conditioner today, her hair is very shiny and slippery. I see where some of the nit glue has loosened up, and I am able to just slide the nits down and off the hair. Tomorrow we do it by sections, with bobby pins-grandma found some of those in her dresser drawer and brought them over earlier. Everyone's comments on my "lice post" have been helpful and encouraging. My own scalp is sore, fried I think from keeping that RID on way too long. I am thinking of olive oil or mayo next. I am paranoid. Even Brujita the cat has been looking at me suspiciously. She knows putting concoctions of stuff in people's hair is not a GOOD thing. She remembers when Deja was about three, how she got into a tube of Avon hair remover while I was napping and gleefully began to put it all over her hands. Daddy came home about ten minutes later, and followed the path of clumped hairballs to my bedroom. Deja was so darn proud of herself, but had bald patches all over her head. Seems she thought she had mommy's mousse and felt it necessary to run it through her hair. The room reeked of chemical hair remover, Daddy caught her just as "Here Kitty Kitty" became hairless kitty as she was about to rub her hands all over the cat. It was not pretty, and bathing a toddler at midnight was not fun, as more hair fell out in the water. The cats were nowhere to be found, probably in hiding for fear they were next. From that day on, no more hair remover in the house. Funny thing is, it wasn't even for me, it was a customer's order!

I've had luck with blog giveaways this past week, actually so many nice things coming I am so excited! Once I get the lice issue under control, I want to take pics of the wins and post them for all to see-and I want to try to learn the link thing too, not necessarily for extra credit, but to give credit where credit is due in case someone stumbles on my blog and saw that I won something they would just LOVE to have, they'd know where to go to get it. To me, it would just be easy typing up something with a photo and putting their web address right in my post. People have just been so darn nice, and I am spending lots of time reading blogs, getting ideas, checking out new recipes-I will miss alot of this when I go back to work FT in a few weeks.

Speaking of work, I might occcasionally post a "happening from the front." We are on the front line, folks-in regards to the war against high oil prices. We hear the good, the bad, the ugly. We see the sad, the happy, the overjoyed. I can still remember a call from a few years ago, a client called us to tell us he had run out of kerosene. It was a Friday, late in the day-and all emergency deliveries had been called in. There was no way we could help this man until Monday am, first thing. Even in an emergency delivery, the oil company can only accept so many per day as they have to deliver within 24 hours. We told this man, go to the local store, get a 5 gallon jug of K1 and use it sparingly. Lots of our clients do this, we call it lugging. Given the price yesterday at the cheapest dealer in town was $4.84 gallon for K1 I predict ALOT of lugging this winter. Anyways, this guy did as we said and used his last few dollars for K1. But then it got cold, real cold. He called us on Monday and told us his dog froze to death. Inside his trailer. What do you tell this man? What can you possibly say? That still haunts me to this day. So you may see a post or two, maybe more, depending on the daily happenings. If you do live in cold weather country, like I do-start preparing now, while the weather outside is 90 degrees and you are sweltering from the humidity. You won't have that option as the weather gets freezing cold outside.

Ok, enough of my ramblings today. I have more laundry to do and will check back later! Thanks for reading!

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hondaray6 said...

Good morning! I am new to blogging and just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your "ramblings"! looking forward to reading more about your world! Rhonda