Friday, July 11, 2008

SMP of Kellogg's Cereals-Watch for it!

While shopping last week at my local Shaw's Supermarket here in Maine, I noticed a large box of Froot Loops going for $3.99, they also had the same size box in Frosted Flakes as well.

It was a quick trip, and I'd left my cereal coupons behind-so was hesitant to buy cereal at that price but quickly changed my mind when I saw the back of the box. This specially marked package (SMP in refunding code) had the following coupons:

FREE any ONE 8ct. pkg of Pop-Tarts Splitz (up to $2.50 value)
Buy one get one free Orbit chewing gum
FREE 8ct Crayola crayons
Buy one get one free Dannon Danimals Drinkables yogurt 8pk (up to $4.79 value)
and finally:
FREE one 48 oz. or larger Ocean Spray Grapefruit juice or juice drinks

with 3 free items and 2 B1G1 deals, the box of cereal was looking pretty darn good, and would have looked alot better had I brought my coupons (that would double).

All of these coupons expire 12/31/08 so be on the lookout for them! I also saw a 16 ct. Strawberry poptart box with the same coupons (and probably the same price too). Just wanted to give you all heads up on this great deal!

UPDATE: I guess the regular price for this huge box of cereal is $5.49-last week it must have been a special promo of $3.99 (maybe unadvertised store special?) Still a good deal though, considering what you get for free. Also, the poptarts 16 ct pkg. has the same exact coupons on the back but does NOT have the free poptarts pkg. Bummer. That box was 3.49-3.99 as well, I went by quickly so didn't really get a good chance to look at the price, I was more interested on what freebie coupons it had!


gmcountrymama said...

I also shop at Shaw's and the kids live on cereal!
Oh, and you won the book! Send me an email with your address and I will send it to you. Congrats!

Judy Hartman said...

Hi Michele!
Thanks for stopping by my blog - sorry you didn't win my giveaway!
Sounds like you got a good deal on that cereal. Can you believe grocery prices these days? Any good deal is appreciated!!!