Saturday, July 26, 2008

I feel BEE-utiful!

Awhile back, I entered a blog giveaway to win one of several Burt's Bees Radiance kits over at and I won!

Fedex showed up last week with my lovely travel sized kit- (perfect for my San Antonio vacation next month!)

Now, me being me, curiosity took over and I had to open it up as Deja was right there wanting to smell and try on everything, as any normal 6 year old girly girl would want to do. To keep her happy, I told her we would try a small bit of the Radiance body lotion on our arms to see what it was all about.

We tried the lotion, and it went on smoothly, leaving behind a very pleasant smell and a smooth shine. I am very light skinned so the radiance for me was soft skin and a glow if I held my arm the right way in the sunlight. But for Deja, with her tanned, brown skin (I am SO jealous btw!) the radiance was much more noticable. It left such a pretty shimmer on her arm, and she will be using that on our trip, I'm sure.

What was really neat was I mentioned to a couple of my friends, the two Rhondas-about my win. Believe it or not, they know Burt! Before he was rich and famous, and to see him now, eating in the local diner, they say he hasn't changed a bit. Seems Burt lives up that way, and is a very down to earth guy. You might want to head on over to sometime-I love the way she tries different colors, looks and reviews the products and does the tutorials. Thanks to both Girl Meets Makeup and Burt's Bees for hosting such a great giveaway and for letting us know just how important bees are to our environment.


Veggie Mom said...

Hey there! Please join our campaign to e-mail Oprah. We're counting on our readers to pull out all the stops for Uncle Lynn & Pop'rs! Pop'rs on Oprah--how cool would that be? I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

Thoughts said...

I ADORE Burts Bees products. They are all natural and just make you feel good! What a great thing to win!