Saturday, July 5, 2008

Does Wonder Woman Really Exist?

How do you define a Wonder Woman? Does she even exist in today's world? Would you consider her to be someone who is able to accept things thrown at her from all directions, both good and bad-and be able to make sense of it?

Work, Home, Family-all cherished, all with unique challenges. She knows how to combine them all together and still come out smiling. Stress, you ask? Why, she is just able to deflect it away from her using her superpowers, keeping everyone happy. Because if Wonder Woman ain't happy folks, ain't nobody happy. Energy? She has tons of it-enough to work eight hours a day, come home and cook a huge dinner, help with homework, kiss the kids goodnight, pop a few loads of clothes in the laundry AND rock hubby's world in the sack. All in the SAME DAY.

And superpowers? Her kids KNOW she has eyes in the back of her head. She always seems to know when they threw their veggies in the trash, or were feeding table scraps to the dog, even if she was facing the other way. She knows when little Johnny is tormenting baby Annie in the next room, that x-ray vision works wonders through walls. She can hear her teen daughter on her cell phone in her room upstairs with the stereo blaring telling her best friend Jane she's sneaking out of the house Friday night to go to that party that Tim's having where there will be drugs, alcohol, and NO parental supervision. Darn, that supersonic hearing works wonders, doesn't it?

At work, she's the model employee. Excels at her job and is the best she can be. So good, in fact, that unfinished projects and other employee's work often falls to her desk-because her supervisors know if anyone can finish it before the deadline, she can. Her co-workers admire her, the slackers LOVE her, and the office busybody spreads rumors on how she must be sleeping with the boss.

At home, you could eat off the floor. Literally. There are no piles of dirty clothes on the floor, no dirty dishes in the sink. Lunches are made the night before, the next days clothes are laid out-no rushing in the morning. The white picket fence is spotless, her yard the envy of the whole neighborhood. She entertains every week, from barbecues, to Tupperware Parties to potluck suppers on hubby's poker night. She doesn't need an interior decorator, she has the uncanny ability to put everything together and make it look just right.

She loves her family unconditionally, and never raises her voice. Even after she has reminded her husband for the hundredth time that week not to leave the toilet seat up in the bathroom, or trips over one of the many toys that her children left on the floor and forgot to put back in their toybox. She even enjoys it when her mother-in-law comes to visit-and stays for three weeks. She's the supportive wife, always lending an ear to her husband's woes at work and giving him a neck and back massage just because he needs to feel loved.

I think there is a little of Wonder Woman in all of us. We all strive to be the best that we can be, professionally, spiritually and in the home. Wonder Woman is perfect, unable to make mistakes, knowing all, seeing all, doing all and feeling all. Can anyone ever achieve perfection like that? No, but we CAN try to be the best that we can be, be it the best wife, mother, worker etc... and live happy, fulfilled lives. Wonder Woman is a myth, a fantasy-a cartoon character created to fight for justice and good in the world. We are Wonder WOMEN, bravely fighting the battles that occur in our lives on a daily basis-and living to tell the tale.


Scribbit said...

I remember people telling me that they thought my mother was like this--that she was perfect and never raised her voice which always made me laugh. I mean she was a fabulous mom but she wasn't perfect and yelled plenty :) Funny the outside perception versus the reality.

The Little Window Shoppe said...

I love what you said..there's a little bit of wonder woman in all of us!!