Saturday, July 26, 2008

Didya know my bro was in a rock band????

Probably not. Most people don't. (scroll to the bottom of my blog for the youtube video of him) Andy is actually my half brother, (same dad) but we were always the closest of the 3 other kids my dad had. Andy and his lovely wife April moved back to Maine for about a year after Hurricane Katrina hit their town of Biloxi, MS. Luckily, they were just fine-but the scenes of devastation they described were beyond my imagination. Their house had some damage to the roof but it was covered by insurance. They kept the house in Biloxi, renting it out after it was repaired. It was great to have Andy back in Maine for a little while, it'd been years since we had seen him. Sometimes we heard from him on the road, he was in Nashville, Branson, Vegas-and mom said he was on CMT playing backup for some of the artists as well. He can play ANY kind of music on his guitar, but his true calling was rock/metal.

In Biloxi, when his band wasn't touring, he would play in the casinos and other venues. Here in Maine, he just didn't have that type of opportunity-so eventually they went back to MS now that the casinos are open-plus since the other band members live in the southern states, he needed to be closer to them as they are releasing another album and just came back from a tour in Brazil and will be heading to Europe again soon. They are REALLY big in Europe and South America. I am really proud of him, he is a great guitarist and a nice guy. He's also pretty shy, so I don't know how he can get up onstage in front of thousands of people and play-but he does.

He has 3 beautiful children, daughter Zoe from a previous relationship, and Rhapsody Jade and James Guy (the newborn) with wife April. Do you have anyone famous or semi famous in the family? Have you ever met anyone famous? Tell me about it, I'd love to hear it!

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Anonymous said...

Remember "BULL" from Night Court? I'm related to him in some sort of weird 2nd cousin twice removed in- law kind of thing.

How cool for your whole family to watch him perform everywhere.

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