Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Week From HE--

Well, today is the first time I've checked the blog in a bit... You know the saying everything happens in threes? I am just waiting for the third event to happen, considering this week has been absolutely crazy!

First, hubby was coming home from work one morning while driving my car (his had recently died, so we were temporarily down to 1 vehicle for a bit) and out of the patchy fog he saw a face coming straight for him... and then a body-a very BIG one.

I was still asleep when he called, and let the answering machine pick up. When I heard him say car and DEER one right after the other I knew the results would not be good. I picked up, and that was when he told me he was headed home and sure enough, a big doe came bounding out of the fog and hit the car. If it had been a few seconds earlier, she would have ended up in his lap and he would have or could have been seriously injured. As it was, she went through the back driver's side window shattering it, and up over the roof is my guesstimate. While there wasn't any blood in the vehicle, there was a lot of fur.

Because it was so foggy, hubby and the police officer called to the scene couldn't locate the deer, so no deer meat :( They did find blood and lots more fur and the officer seemed to think that the deer had been badly hurt and he was going to check back as soon as the fog lifted to see if he could put it out of its misery. My guess is that the coyotes found it before he did.

So my car is at the shop, almost ready to be fixed after a few days with a rental vehicle. One that I am too scared to drive. (it is too big for me lol) I had around $2000 damage to my car, and it was fixable-and hubby was safe, that is all that really mattered. Hubby was a bit traumatized though, since this is his 3rd deer incident since I moved back to Maine. (one was a fender bender, the other completely totaled his Isuzu Rodeo) The next night, as he was coming home from work in the rental, on the highway this time (no back roads for him even it is shorter!) he saw a whole herd of deer on the side of the road and figured there was no escaping the deer this time of year.

Then, as I was peacefully minding my own business this past Saturday afternoon watching TV hubby came in the bedroom and asked me what all that water was on the floor. Since I had my back to the area in question, I turned around to see that my waterbed mattress was leaking :( We had one of the waterbed mattresses with baffles in it to make it almost completely motionless-but in times like this one is desperate. Hubby spent most of the day draining the mattress, then sucking out more water with a wet-dry vac and finally cutting a hole in the damn thing and chucking it out the window to drain-but not before I had a good 2 inches of water on the floor in the bedroom. It was very heavy to lift the mattress even with all that water out of it, I bet it weighed at least 800 lbs still.

On Sunday we made the hour and a half long trip to South Portland to get a mattress... they only had full motion mattresses in stock so it was going to be interesting. Finally we arrived back home exhausted and began the tedious project of setting up our bed upstairs (downstairs had too much water and since my son moved out we had a spare room) and filling the bed. It was now late Sunday night and I gave up and fell asleep on the floor... The next morning, this past Monday, I woke to aches and pains from having slept on the floor for 2 nights in a row. Back when I was younger it wouldn't have bothered me but for a peri-menopausal 46 year old I was NOT a happy camper. I went to work and managed to clear my desk of what I needed to do before leaving early to get some much needed sleep after hubby informed me that he had filled the bed while I was at work.

I napped most of the afternoon, trying to stave off an impending migraine while trying to stay on my bed and not roll off due to the new wave motion. My 10 yr old thinks it is the bomb and happily told her grandmother today that she loved the new bed because if you are sleeping and someone gets on it everyone else bounces up and down.

So now I am waiting for the 3rd thing to happen, and hoping it is not too serious. Call me superstitious but I believe in the power of threes... One day, I will be able to look back at all of this and laugh-I know it. Just not today...

So that has been my week folks... how was yours?

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