Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My new room...

After my crazy week, we decided to take advantage of the fact that my waterbed didn't need to be emptied to move upstairs to a bigger and brighter room. After the contractors left, I had 5 nice new windows and some paneling-I am NOT a wallpaper person and can't stand the peeling wallpaper I have in some spots in the house, so while pretty as it looks I prefer painted sheet rock with designs or paneling. The paneling in the hallway is so dark and dreary, I opted for a more natural wood color.

Right now the only thing up in the room is my bed-hubby took it all apart and re-assembled it in the room and filled up the new mattress. Now I have the creative juices flowing... what color curtains, what type decor? I am partial to blue since it is so calming, but we still need to paint the ceiling (hopefully this weekend, if not the first nice weekend where we can open the windows to let the fumes go out lol)so obviously I don't want to do too much re-decorating until the ceiling is painted.

I am loving the bright sunshine and the cool breezes coming in from the tree in front of the window this summer. I even have a cat perch ready for the hallway window where my cats will be able to check out the birds and do some sunbathing too. When we bought the house, we knew it was a fixer upper, and had to do things little by little as best as we could. So far with a new hot water boiler and chimney, and now new upstairs windows and paneling we are well on our way to getting things taken care of. Living in an older house in the Northeast makes for a cold winter, so weatherization is also on our list of priorities.

Our house is a classic saltbox style, and the back part of my room slopes downwards, as there is no attic. My daughter is busy settling into the room across from us, putting things where she wants them. She was scared to sleep upstairs in her own room for the longest time, and now with us just across the hall she has decided it is time to enjoy having her own room rather than coming running to crash in my bed while daddy is working every night.

Now that Spring is almost here, well, date wise it is-but with 80 degree temps last week and 20 degrees this week with SNOW it hardly feels that way-I am ready to start decorating and getting spring cleaning done. My layoff comes in a few short weeks and I am ready to get organized around the house after a busy season.

Any ideas on how I should decorate the room? Hubby is thinking something other than basic white paint for the ceiling and windowsills-any thoughts on a color scheme to make my room stand out? How about some ideas on decorating on a budget?


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