Thursday, February 17, 2011

Waiting for a Prize that Never Comes...

Ok, besides blogging... I love to enter blog giveaways. That being said, I will admit I have won my fair share. While the majority of these prizes come without a hitch-there are always a few that just never arrive.

Some are sponsored by smaller companies, some by larger, more well known companies. And some are even giveaways sponsored by the blogger themselves... I often do this myself. (and I am the first to admit, I am notorious for being late getting the stuff out BUT I also like to let my winners know it is coming-and if they don't receive their prize, whether sponsored by myself or by a company...I really want to know!)

That is just me, though. I figure, free is free and I guess I should be fortunate for all that I HAVE won. I usually don't contact the bloggers, because I know that they can harass the heck out of the sponsor and if the sponsor doesn't want to send it out...they won't. Of course, things can happen in transit-or could have been dropped off at the wrong address and my neighbors now have a nice gift for themselves. To be sure this wouldn't happen, I have gotten myself a postal mail box at the local UPS Store about 3 months ago. (it also hides those gifts from prying eyes!)

I can remember one poor blogger I probably made feel guilty-I'd won her first giveaway on her review blog. A $50 GC to an Etsy store that had headbands and beautiful hair candy. The sponsor contacted me, and I thought all was well-told her what I wanted and told her the date I needed it. She had several MONTHS to get it to me, as I told her to go ahead and do her paying orders first. When the time came closer to have my daughter's party last year in Central America, and emails went unanswered to the vendor-the blogger contacted her and she was told she'd had some personal issues and wasn't sure if she was going to continue selling. Well, um, she could have contacted ME to let me know this way before I had counted on her to get me my daughter's hairpiece. I would have understood even, and made other arrangements. This blogger felt so bad she actually went above and beyond and sent my daughter a little something, even though I told her that it was fine.

Since then, I really don't bother anyone. If the prizes don't come, oh well. You win some, you lose some. But I will say being a consumer I find that companies or vendors that don't follow through really don't make me happy :( I am just curious about what the rest of you do... or what you don't do. And any ideas that you have as bloggers, sponsors, vendors or giveaway enthusiasts.


Unknown said...

I have won a few that have never shown up as well. If I know the company is shipping the product, I will e-mail the blogger ONCE and explain that I know it is NOT their fault, but could they check with their contact.

I have actually put a disclaimer about this under my giveaway rules and disclosures. It is very frustrating for everyone

Michele P. said...

I agree, it is frustrating for everyone! And to be honest, I have seen more of these disclaimers as well on giveaways in the last year or so. I guess it has happened to a lot of us, both as bloggers and as winners. I just wish the sponsors would step up to the plate and give away what they promise if they have made a commitment to do so. Things happen, we all realize that-so if there is a delay, or something along those lines, a simple email explaining things and offering a substitute if applicable would be great as well.

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