Thursday, October 28, 2010

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We've been hearing now for quite awhile about how things are going to happen in 2012. How we need to be prepared. How some people are already preparing. If you are like me, sometimes you may wonder what will happen if terrorists or any loony person with the potential to do so set off nuclear bombs in places here in the US that we know and love.

It may be many miles from your own home, and you may be safe from the radiation. But there are other things that will be affected, such as communications, food, shipping, transportation, electricity-all those things can and will be disrupted by such an event. In the show Jericho, you can see how a small town reacts after such an event.

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With the world we live in today, we just never know what might happen down the road. Even here in the US, with the economy in the tank and the growing frustration many are experiencing-it's great to be prepared. Check out the ModernSurvivalOnline's Jericho Season 1 DVD giveaway, you won't regret it :)